Why Adversity is an Essential Part of The Path to Success

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Adversity, struggle, and failure are all fundamental parts of the path to success.⁠⠀
We are all different. We have different experiences, interests, jobs, businesses. But one thing we all have in common is that we have all had to face hardships and difficulties throughout our lives.⁠⠀
But those struggles in life are what make us successful and perseverant. ⁠⠀
In order to improve and succeed we must fail. Practice makes perfect and on the path to perfect there will be many different failures. ⁠⠀
This much was true for me. And still is. I am constantly failing at new things. And that’s totally fine. ⁠⠀
The most important thing is that in the process of failing I’m learning something new. And with each failure I learn what not to do, so then I can go and figure out the right way.⁠⠀
Failure is an unavoidable part of life. But from failure we are able to grow. And if you refuse to fail then you are essentially taking away opportunity for success from yourself. ⁠⠀
Success is based on the amount of work and effort you put into something. You can’t just sit on your ass all day and expect success to fall in your lap. You need to go out and work for it. You gotta grab success by the balls and make it your bitch.⁠⠀
How do you deal with failure?⁠


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I wondered what you did to get your dog to pose like that... Then after reading the article I knew the secret.

"The kindom is forcefully advancing and forceful men have taken hold of it."

There is nothing passive about passive income. Let it pass and all one can say, "If I had done that.... then I would be rich."

Take a risk and screw up and fail and we get a free master's course in life. It's the only way to really learn something. If I avoided suffering I would be a panzy living in the suburbs of Fakeville.

It's hard knocks and failures that got my butt motivated to go overseas and start a new life and challenge impossible things. It's so easy to think I did something. All I did was fail and get up. This is the attitude I need to keep going without letting hubris screw up my path.

I've been following your project with the bus and before that the hot tub. It seems to be one screw up after another. Other people would have paid someone else to screw it up but you cut out the middle man and got all the action. Hey, you even got paid for screwing up. People love authentic and love fails.