Stop Wasting Your Time Putting Shit Off!

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Do you ever find yourself putting off starting something new? ⁠

Finding excuses for why right now is not the right time to start. ⁠

Well, I used to be like this. Push things off and find ways to convince myself that I shouldn’t start something new. ⁠

Thinking back on it now that makes no sense. It was really just a waste of my time. ⁠

Instead of doing something new, starting a project, or starting a new business I found excuses and reasons why I should do something else. And every time I’d rarely do anything productive instead. ⁠

And then boom, time wasted. And when you get stuck in that cycle it’s hard to notice how much time you’re really wasting until it becomes a whole lot.⁠

What’s the point of wasting your time? There’s not a single plus or positive thing about it. Pretty much you’re just giving into your fears, laziness, and procrastination. These qualities are not those of a successful person. ⁠

Sometimes you may have a lot of things on your plate and because of that choose to not start something new. But, if you think about it, how much time do you spend just sitting around watching tv, playing video games, or doing other things?⁠

It’s all about your priorities. If you’d rather come home and watch tv until you fall asleep, then go ahead. But that’s hours of your day not doing something productive. And those hours add up. ⁠

I’m not saying to work every hour that you’re awake. We all need time to relax and recharge. ⁠

But, the next time you find yourself pushing off doing something, check if it’s because you truly don’t have time or if you’re just making excuses for yourself.⁠

Do you push off starting new things or new projects?


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