Six Figures is Only $274 A Day

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Six figures is not as much as you think it is.⁠

If you have your own business or are an entrepreneur you probably already know this. ⁠

Having a six figure salary is great, and something many people strive for. But, as an entrepreneur you know your business is capable of making way more than six figures.⁠

In the beginning this may seem like an impossible goal. But, if you break it down into smaller goals (which I suggest you do) it makes everything seem easier and much less daunting. ⁠

Instead of thinking about how much you want/need to make in a year, set goals for how much you should be making daily or weekly.⁠

Six figures is only $274 a day. That adds up to $100,010 a year. Roughly, give or take. ⁠

When you compare $274 to $100,000 it’s a lot easier to come up with ways on how to make that $274 in a day. ⁠

Once you’ve accomplished that goal you can go ahead and set the bar higher. Like $300 a day or $500 a day. ⁠

Once your business has already reached the six figure goal you’ll realize that seven isn’t too far either. ⁠

Do you have an income goal for your business?

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