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I found myself chuckling while reading a post about some baby squabs nesting in someone's yard. First of all because squabs is a funny word but also because it was neat to see new life being presented on the blockchain from across the world from me. I wish I remember whose post that was and hope I can find it again to link in comments.

A day or two later, one of my little ones comes in from the yard all excited about something. Here it comes. We have damn squabs too! Well, Canadian squabs AKA bunnies.



The garden is a warzone just recovering from winter and all but ignored by those of us who will turn it into something like this:



'Til then, we are a wild life preserve and I have an excuse to postpone the cleanup another week or two.


All is not safe and cozy in this menagerie as there is Mr. EatsEverything who used to get to run free in the yard. He would find and snuffle and pulverize these little bunnies in short order. Now, he wears a leash so that we can make sure the lawn rats survive.



They are pretty cute and those dens (hutches? burrows?) do look comfy.


I think there were between 4 and 6 bunnies in each. I certainly hope being cuddled by gentle girls doesn't do them any long term damage but I would like them to screw right off and not eat all the veggies in this summer's garden. Between them and the new dog, I am going to have to enhance and fortify the raised boxes to expect any of the fruit and veggies to make it into my kitchen.




The nests are empty now but this little fellow was rustling around in the leaves outside my office window. It didn't panic or squeak when I scooped it up to put is somewhere safer. Damn cute little cucumber-eating rodents!

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I am honoured to curate for:

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Any squabs in your yard?


Loved this so much - and especially loved the before and after (or rather after and before) of your garden as it gets ready for being de-wintered.

Yes lots of work and a couple months to grow til it gets green but they can have it in early spring.

Not looking forward to battling them for cucumbers in a few months but that is nature.

I wasn't sure what a squab was until I read a little further. Bunnies, now I've heard of them. Last year we had to delay planting a part of the potato bed while waiting for the bunnies to mature enough to move on.
It's a precious thing to witness kids getting all excited when they run across something like this.

I love your choice of colors you've got your fingernails painted😁.

My little one took that pic with her Easter nails painted. A squab still isn't a bunny (I think it was slang for some sort of dove or gull in India?) but we can call them that if it makes us chuckle. ;)

Well, tell your daughter I love the colors of her fingernails. somehow I knew they weren't your finger nails. 😁

This is funnyman. It's the first I heard of squabs. Another word for the bunnies !

Haha no I am just being silly at the prompt of the squabs post. I gotta find that and link it here.

Now that is the cutest bundled in the back garden, yes the vegetables will be at risk in the near future, but dang what to do when they all snuggled up with mum like that?

Garden is looking good!

Garden looks like a suburb in Kyiv right now but warmer days are on the way!

Winter to summer gardens in your climate a drastic change, here change in seasonal flowers not much more.

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Your Canadian 'squabs' are adorable! 😁

I did a search and found this post on squabs, maybe it's the one you're thinking of:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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