Garage Rock Radio Podcast Number 1

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Here's a video of my first GRR Podcast from the early 2000s. A YouTuber named brubeck_108 decided to turn my audio only podcast into a video. The video part is just the GRR logo. It's time to get a link to this podcast/video on the blockchain, so it's here forever!

This podcast, like almost all of the 11 podcasts I did, contains 4 songs from the Garage Rock era - approximately 1965 to 1968. I tried to pick some of the coolest Garage songs around and/or what I liked at the time.

The podcast starts with an intro - a bunch of guys and ladies saying "Garage Rock Radio" over the instrumental break in the middle of the song Flashback by Silk Winged Alliance from Utah. Here's the entire single, both sides of the record Hometown/Flashback.

Then I come on and do my intro to the podcast, announcing the songs I'll play.

Song 1 is Scream Loud by The Quests. This is a guitar and organ 60s pop song with some falsetto vocals from March 1966. The Quests were from Michigan and they sometimes reunite and play old and new music.

Song 2 is I want You by Tony and Terri. This is a medium tempo song which sounds a lot like Sonny and Cher. The drums pound all the way through, along with bass, guitar and piano. Tony is perusing Terri and by the end she is almost screaming I want you! Terri is Donna Weiss who co-wrote the huge hit Bette Davis Eyes sung by Kim Carnes in 1981.

Next is 2 GRR promos by a young relative and a member of NYC's The Rants.

Song 3 is One Day (Some Day) by The Resumes. This is a guitar song from 1967 with an awesome guitar break in the middle.

Next is Lyn Price doing a GRR promo. Lyn made some records marketed by our label Garage Rock Radio Records and you can hear a few on Our YouTube Channel.

Song 4 is Painted Air by Remaining Few. It's a slightly psychedelic song with a strange somewhat annoying guitar sound. I posted about this song before, here on my blog.

The podcast ends with me summing things up over my outro song "Why Girl?" by Thee Lightning which is an instrumental. The audio in this section is lower than it should have been! I got a little better at mixing in later podcasts, but just a little! I also got a slightly better mic so less pops and air sounds.

Well, there you have it! GRR Podcast Number ONE.

And here it is, if you want to groove to the tunes.


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