Diablo 2 Resurrected Review

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First words:

Today I bought Diablo 2 Resurrected. After I was really skeptical about that game, my expectations were not high at all. Overall after Starcraft 1 Remastered and Warcraft 3, I don't want to try any "remastered" game again.

That was also the reason I don't plan to try Diablo at all.

To Diablo 2 Resurrected:

Let's start with the design and feeling.

The Design and resolution are pretty much the same with an upscale to Diablo 2. I really like that because it feels pretty much the same.

The Graphic has a lot of details but it doesn't lose the Diablo 2 feeling. Also very positive.

Some things like the map and the brightness/gamma needed for me some adjustments. But nothing dramatic.

Map: The transparency to lower 40%. Because I like to play with fullscreen map.

Loot: Also need to change that. Permanent loot works in my opinion the best.


I started with a mage. It's fun. I see nothing dramatic in terms of changes or skill tree changes. Looks all the same. So from that side, that's pretty good at all. I played the first act. So I can only tell you about that.

It was pretty fun to play that.

If you want to changes your skills with the mouse wheel and don't remember how that works, here is a short guide for you. For me, it was a pain to remember that.

Click on the skill menu, and then push F1 up to F10 to set a shortcut. Now you can use the mouse wheel to change.

Should safe you some time :)

Also if you like Frost mage, Frost nova is the key in act 1 :).

About Controller support.

holy shit, I don't expect that. I tried it out. Put the controller/ gamepad on the computer. Push a button in-game and bam. That's it.

Now you can use the controller to play Diablo 2. It works really smoothly. 100 times better than in my wettest dreams.

Use flasks - works

Moving - Works

Use skills and looting also work.

I don't try to use the chat. I expect that doesn't work smoothly. For singleplayer or voice chat it should work pretty well.

About the Price

39,99 Is IMO to expensive for an "old" game. But yeah i want to play it. So if this is the price, what can i do.

Is the price fair? Time will tell.

Compared to Starcraft 2 ( Wings of Liberty), I think no.

Compared to the average game out, I think that game can offer a lot of fun for that price.

Part 2 is the more fair point of view. So I think if there are not massive bugs in the following acts and if the multiplayer works smooth, I would say it can be a lot of fun for that price.

Old versus new graphic

I don't remember classic Diablo 2 looking that bad. But after I look some comparison videos, I know the remastered looks better. Because the resolution is the same with upscale, the feeling is the same. Also on a big monitor.

Here is the comparison video I watched:


If you like Diablo 2 and want again all that fun from the past, without installing a million mods, try Diablo 2 Resurrected. I think you would not regret that.

I would say I'm pretty critical in terms of gameplay. So you can trust me at this point. it's pretty much the same feeling like Diablo 2 classic ( only played first act so far).

I don't try Multiplayer for now. So I can only talk about the Singleplayer.

After I played the sorceress, I think I will play the others too the next time. Maybe that can be a game I play longer than only some hours.

Who knows :)

Overall I hope it helps to decide you want to try that game out or skip it.

Btw, would you like to see a Diablo 2 Community on Hive? If enough people would like that and post something I would create one :)

Btw, that game is also available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.


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