HolyBread Roadmap - New Developers

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My name is @simplegame and I have recently acquired the servers/database/artwork/discord (other assets) of the Steem Blockchain Game Holybread.

I know there have been many rumors that the game is dead or dying. These were just rumors! Due to the pervious devs love for the game and community they managed to keep things running until they could find a new team to take over.

I would like to introduce that new team to you now:

@simplegame (myself)
With over 25+ years of table-top game design, 25+ years of Networking design experience. He will be handling the direction of the game and over seeing server/database deployments along with balancing business costs / player enjoyment.
Basically responsible for making Holybread fun for the players and profitable for the team to keep up and running.

Bringing an Economics M.S. as well as 10+ years of experience as a Director of Analytics he fits nicely into the team. Starting day one of the acquisition he is actively attacking the code base and game economy. No changes make it to live servers without his nod of approval.

Passion for the player experience has driven @wren1221 's entire gaming life. Never afraid to question designers/Game Masters, she makes sure you see the player's side in everything. As a vocal voice in discord, customer service issues will be addressed or assigned to the proper team member. She is your voice into the team.

Play tester, part-time designer, quality assurance is his thing. Breaking things is his goal, pushing code to its limits, thinking of things to try normal gamers would never do, he is constantly giving the team "Trouble tickets" to fix. Unseen but invaluable to the game stability.


A complete communication black out is not only scary in the real world, in the Virtual world it is deadly, destroying products, reputations, and games at the speed of light!

WE can not let that happen. So while being available in discord I will be doing blog posts on a regular basis covering various topics about Holybread.

Right now I am committing to a weekly Roadmap update post every Sunday posted on the Hive blockchain. This one is on the @simplegame account, future posts will come from the @playbypost account.

Other posts will be sprinkled in between these Roadmap updates covering the follow topics.

  • Game design: Where are we going and what is the thought process behind it? (Theory and Technical)
  • In game economy: What is our current issue and strategies to fix?
  • State of the game: Goal for the game & company. (answering the question: Are you profitable/stable?)


This is an update to our approach of our long, long list of things to do.

1st Milestone:
We acquired all assets and built out our team and tools.

2nd Milestone:
Build a test server and start to migrate code base to HIVE !!!!
YES !!! We are moving to HIVE !
When you ask ? ASAP! We are actively working on this. I hope to give a time frame soon but let's just shoot for end of June, 2020. A lot of this depends on the test server build out pace and a rewrite of 10's of thousands of lines of code. Yes, it's a daunting task.
Possibly there is a world where we are live on both Steem and Hive blockchains.

3rd Milestone:
Gameplay changes to support current active player base on STEEM Blockchain.
-Give the shopkeeper Unlimited GOLD so players can sell "useless" items as much as they want
-Run events to help stabilize business income to help with 2nd Milestone (HIVE)
-These will be announced with dates shortly. Our goal is to run the 1st ones starting June 1st.

4th Milestone:
Bigger gameplay changes that need minor code verus full refactoring of codebase
-We are going to be introducing the BARBARIAN & the BARD !!! With new items for the classes.

These are our biggest issues to make this game better. Next is a list of things we are working on also. These are in the planning stage and in the next ROADMAP update will have more specifics

  • Revamp Quests / eliminate energy
  • Economy / (300 pound Gorilla in the ROOM... Breadcrumbs)
  • Dungeons/Towers, PvE areas to test your team
  • Item system rework/overhaul
  • Guilds
  • Integration of marketplace with play-by-post RPG's
  • Quick fix for epic/Legendary items
  • New Potions
  • Tournaments!!
  • Community events

Summary. (FREE BREAD)
Now I know a lot of you want specific dates. I would LOVE to give them but we are actively working on all of this. We had a 4 hour coding conference call this morning and another scheduled for tonight. We will update you as fast as we can about our progress.

I want to give a big thank you to all players for helping support Holybread since its inception, without you we would not have this great opportunity.

So as a small thank you from our team to you all players of Holybread that upvote this post and reply with a comment will have a chance of winning 50 BREAD. One winner will be selected for every 6 unique username comments. At the end of the 7 day post cycle 1 person will be randomly rolled using one of our dice bots (AKA Random generator) to get a free PREMIUM upgrade. This roll and winner announcements will be in the comments of this post.

I hope this addresses some of the issues you have and gives you an idea of where the Team wants to take Holybread.
Let me know in the comments more of what topics you want discussed in these posts.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with everyone. For all of you playing on Steem thinking we are leaving. There is a world where we support both chains. Your support on the Steem chain helps us generate revenue to get our plan implemented.

We will not move over to HIVE without a 2 week notice of the date.



HolyBread moving to Hive. You just made my day with that news!

cool good luck with project

Thanks man !

Sorry, found this and other posts a little late, so late but a big fat CONGRATULATIONS.

All of the changes and milestones, you have described, are exciting. I think, most of the dedicated players never left the game, and with these upcoming changes, more players will join the game.

Wish you and all of your team members progress in the right direction.

Thanks a lot !! We appreciate the support

Is there any possibility of exchanging bread crumbs for bread? so whoever wants to can collect what he has earned in crumbs to buy heroes in the factory 🙁

YES YES !!!!
This is coming this week !!!
you beat me to the announcement

Congratulations @garlet !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

you can see the roll picking you as the winner in the comments below you were in group 5

Thank you very much @simplegame.

I not play with this profile. I have a different account to play: garlet-68.

But that's not a problem: I didn't comment for the prize. I'm really interested in seeing game realities grow.

Thank you again

Congrats on the acquisition! It's awesome to see the game get picked up by a team that wants to see it succeed. Thanks for sharing the road map of things to come. Sure, it's not all written in stone, but it's cool to see what the future could hold for the game. /thumbsup!

-Just thought of something... would it take a lot of effort to hold a contest of some kind where the community/player could submit artwork for some of the future game art? Like new armor or gear, or even perhaps the character art?

Reach out to @wren1221 in our discord server. She handles all of the contests. (but I don't see why not)

@coffeedrinker112 I dont see you on our discord. Contact me and let's chat.

If you need a graphic design artist to create new assets for the game I would be interested


I will let @wren1221 know. She is point on artwork. You can also reach out to her on Discord. I can use some artwork for my play-by-post game Hivequest. It is in my blog if you want to check it out. I dont need terrain or items, I need characters. Check out what I am using and see what you think. You can also DM me from the Holybread discord.

Ok, will do, thanks

Your plans are really promising. I am looking forward to the development of the game. It has a lot of potential but it is also a lot of work. That's also the reason why I wasn't able to continue with the game myself.

I worked a lot on the game for many months before it was released without taking a break. After the release I kept on working on new features but I was fastly interrupted by critical bugs which were used by some users. Fixing them and particularly clearing up the damage that was done took all the time (the worst was the breadcrumbs bug) It was very stressful. After that time and after developing a few small features I already felt at a point where I needed a long vacation. I was not able to look at any line of my own code..
I started with taking a small break. One week. It wasn't enough. The break took longer and longer until it was at a point where I was afraid to open Discord because of bad conscience.
Now I can say that I greatly underestimated the project as an inexperienced developer that I was and still am even if I learned a lot. I figured out it's better to give the project to another developer.

I want to apologize for my bad communication that was nonexistent in the last weeks without letting you know the situation. That was not okay.

I am now very happy that the game is in the hands of a bigger team that has more experience. Wish you all great success!

Thank you. You built a foundation we can build off of. It was your hardwork that got us this far.

Holybread ist ein wunderbares Spiel, ich liebe es und spiele es jeden Tag mit Begeisterung 😍 Vielen Dank, thebluewin

You have nothing to hang your head about. You did a great job! Everyone gets burned out from time to time, especially taking on a task this big. If you feel like it I sent you a DM on our discord.

Great to see that you took over! But one question.

Eliminate energy

Sorry, but I don't see how this can work. You'te changing the game fundamentally?

Energy is solely a mechanic to limit the number of Quests you can do. This can be handled differently. This is not a fundamental change, as you would still do Quests it would just change the mechanic we use to Limit the number.

We have to analyze everything in the game and figure out what the "base" purpose of it is. Then decide if we like that implementation or if there is a different way to achieve the same result. Our early feedback is Energy is not needed.

Great t see holy bread moving to Hive, and thank you for taking it over. Best wishes to you and yoe entire team on your venture.

Sounds like a lot of big changes!

Thanks for the update! I especially like the promise of regular updates.
I'm pleased to hear about the Hive move as well, since the split steemit has been digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole...

Glad to see this all worked out. Sounds like you have a good grasp on things, Moving to Hive was a must. Really interested to see the economics overhauled and gameplay improvements!

Love the game & so glad to hear you're moving to Hive. Thanks for the update!

1st six players are:

1: ericburhoyne
2: proto26
3: fundurian
4: veryanprime
5: gregory-f
6: abrockman

Lets roll a !D6 and see who wins 50 BREAD !

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 2

Congratulations @proto26 !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

That's awesome! Thank you!

Look forward to the new changes, for now, I am still going up the ranks :)

Looks like I will have to finally upgrade to premium.

If you could make it so that we can use fiat for upgrades, I would most likely do it faster.

We are looking into incorporating that. In fact @wren1221 is pushing to do it tommorrow !!! But it will take a little longer. But it is being worked on.

Good to know. Thank you :)

Thank you for the update! Looking forward for changes)

It's a great project and it deserves to go on...

Same as all the others, looking forward to a new progress in game and new things implemented. It is great game with lot of potential. Guilds, marketplace, legendary items, dungeons, tournaments... what to ask for more, lots of great stuff coming!

That sounds like a lot of work. I am very glad that development is continuing after all. Especially the move to the hive chain. There I can finally finish with steem completely.

Sounds like a solid plan going forward. Glad to see the game continue! 😃


Thank you and Thank you for the Beer. I am collected those coins 😃

Hey @simplegame, here is a little bit of BEER from @definethedollar for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Good news and wish you good luck!

great you guys get the game hope it gone be big :)

Nice! I was missing that game in the move to HIVE.

Thanks for official announcement in hive.

I restarted playing the game, gathering breads.

Usually i like picking holes in plans but cant say can find anything to point out all in all seems a solid idea and wish you guys all the best.
Can see a lot of positivity around the game and thats the most important thing.
The game is currently basic so you can defo implement some cool upgrades and we look forward to them 👍

Thank you for the comment. We are working hard on developing a plan that helps us and the players.

Sounds good. I wish you the best of luck for this. I'm happy to see progress.

2nd six players are

1: billybohner
2: metzli
3: okean123
4: stranger27
5: abachon
6: zagorlord

Lets roll a !D6 and see who wins 50 BREAD !

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 3

Congratulations @okean123 !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

Cool! Thank you!

3rd Group of Six players are

1: dotwin1981
2: definethedollar
3: markoslaw
4: vcdragon
5: badpupper
6: r1s2g3

Lets roll a !D6 and see who wins 50 BREAD !

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 6

Congratulations @r1s2g3 !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

I'm certain this is gonn' be a huge game for hivers. I'm a big fan of this project, so am happy is in safe hands right now unlike the previous owner. Well, kinda glad they didn't shut the Server off whilst on vacation coz I'm so addicted already 😁😁
BOL to the new team handling the game.

Great upgrade, and solid road map!

Congrats to all the players as @simplegame is ready to breath new life into the game and take things to the next level! The future is bright 😎

I will follow developments with interest.

4th group of six players

1: steemitcuration
2: ynwa.andree
3: thebluewin
4: hersi007
5: coffeedrinker112
6: garlet

Lets roll a !D6 and see who wins 50 BREAD !

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 6

Congratulations @garlet !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

Congrats on your acquisition!

thank you :)

I am glad to see the roadmap with changes in the game strategy. Just when i thought it might get a little boring. Am eager to continue the game on hive.

For a while I stopped playing Holybread after Hive was created and no news came from Holybread. Now I regret it, I'm kinda addicted to it, lol! Great thing is it takes little time to play it, and you can choose when to play it. Awesome that you are moving to Hive!

Will my Breadcrumbs SE burn out? Or can I transfer them to the game? I would like a more interactive design.

Breadcrumbs on SE are considered a secondary market. Not part of Holybread at this time. WE are not supporting transfers in/out of the game currently. As was announced earlier.This is a large part of our economy / Business sustainability rework model. More plans will be announced at a later date.

You are welcome to DM me in discord with specific amounts and I can look at it.

Will you be re-doing some of the art and removing some breaking bad references? 😜

Yes actually. Although artwork is a bit lower on the list. You will be seeing content rewrite on a regular basis.

5th group of six players

1: dksart
2: rentmoney
3: romiferns
4: dariuska2008
5: gadrian
6: russia-btc

Lets roll a !D6 and see who wins 50 BREAD !

You pick up 1D6 and roll a 4

Congratulations @dariuska2008 !!!
You won 50 bread. It will be credited to your account in a few mintues

Congratulations, simplegame. I love this game 🥰

thank you! There was bug where the hero's on the recruit were not refreshing. We are working on it, but we managed to load it with a fresh batch of hero's

I noticed that, I was surprised, but didn't mind and I have already noticed that new hero's are coming. Thank you very much, simplegame 😊

@simplegame - First, I am super excited to hear about all of the cools ideas that are mapped for the future.

Second, thanks for this incredible update. Communication is key and you did a great job in this post.

Look forward to many more quest and battles in the future!

@sumatranate I appreciate you stopping and giving your take on things. Looking forward you seeing you in our events in the future.

Stay safe

Hey @simplegame great recap! Im a new player and everything looks really great. We share some interests, as Im a brick and mortar gaming shop owner since 1997 ^_^
I have a question:
Bread is finally in Hive Engine exchange? I cant find it, however, I'm a bit of a noob in Hive so maybe Im missing something.
Lmk and thanks! Keep up the good work!