Link resources: Do you wanna make a game?

in #gaming5 months ago

Hi there! If you're reading this because I posted it, this is the repository of all the sources I referenced in my panel at Anime Fusion. "Do you wanna make a game" talked about my misadventures in making a CCG, and I have a bunch of links to share!

If you're here because you scanned the QR code on my profile, that's great too! Here's everything I talked about in my panel:

There's also a great aggregator of assets, audio, and art, at Game Design Resources. Might also be worth a look, yeah?

I saw this interview with Ken Johnson live on the 3D Musketeers channel. It's a great video, definitely worth watching. And there's a surprise mention of yours truly in the conversation! What can I say, I had some questions that needed answers!

The Seven Deadly Sins of TCG Design by Kohdok is a whole playlist, and it's more geared towards people who want to make a CCG. I was listening to it while caring for my daughter when I was first inspired to make The Condemned, so that's why I'm including it here.

And lastly, if you want to support my Kickstarter for The Condemned, you can do so here. Act quick, it ends on the 31st!