Football, but on a table

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Football, But On A Table


I've always known it as "Babyfoot" but apparently it's also called "Foosball". I thought that was the Brazilian game, very similar to football, played with lots of tricks and dribbling. It is a table-top game that simulates the sport of football (Soccer to you guys across the pond). The game is played with miniature figures attached to rods that are controlled by players to move the figures and hit a small ball back and forth across the table. The goal of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team by manoeuvring the figures to hit the ball into the opponent's goal.

The game is typically played with two or more players, each controlling a set of figures on one side of the table. The figures are arranged in a formation that resembles a soccer team, with forwards, midfielders, and defenders. Some tables also have a goalkeeper figure that can rotate for better effectiveness, but the smaller ones, like the one in this video, don't - just 3 defenders.

Babyfoot, or "table-football" as also well known, tables come in a variety of sizes, from small tabletop versions like this one to full-size tables. The game is popular in bars, pubs, game rooms, and recreation centres, and university student union buildings countrywide.

The game also has a competitive scene, with players competing in organised tournaments around the world believe it or not. The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) is the governing body of the sport, and promotes the game globally and organise events like the World Cup and the World Tour. Somewhere out there there's a Babyfoot Messi or Ronaldo. Imagine :)

I spent a good amount of time playing this game at uni, so I've got muscle memory from that. Even though I hadn't played in years, it only took a few games to be back at my glorious best. I should probably see if I can qualify for the World Cup, but I'd probably need a team mate 😂

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I have called it table football. I have played a bit, but never enough to be really good. That's a nice compact version you have.


The larger ones are more fun but this makes up for it in portability. Great for picnics in the park and that sort of stuff.


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I remember this interesting game. Here in Pakistan this game is played with great passion by both young and old. This game is kept by people in their shop, the person who does it ten minutes before, wins and the second person has to pay fifty Pakistani rupees for this game. We friends still play this game even today when we feel giddy about it.