Weekend Freewrite (5/23/20) A Poem

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Today I am choosing to use a single prompt. The word that popped out was grapevine.
If you have not joined the @freewrite, you should give it a whirl. Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. Ok, here we go.

In fields you flourish
following a path only the sun brings you toward
Gently blowing in the breeze
Raindrops trickle down you
Many uses you have
Tasty in your numerous forms
Drinks you become
quenching a thirst of your treat, you feed birds and bees
A grapevine
you travel in many directions
hugging your direction of growth.
Bitter at times
sweet at others
Colors you have are unending ..........

and there went the buzzer. Thank you for stopping by.

weekend freewrite pic.png


Wow that was very beautifully written about the grapevine, @pixiehunter, thanks a lot for sharing, it's awesome.

Made in Canva

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