Five Minute Freewrite (11/8/19) Nail Biting

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It has been quite some time since I've posted anything but a few comments. I turned a little skittish with leaving some writings. Will I make a comeback? That is a question of uncertainty. Today's freewrite, left by the Goddess of the @freewritehouse, @mariannewest, caught my attention in a big way. Let me set my timer and see where the prompt takes me.

With painful words and hardened eyes
this is the day many despise

There was thirst for it to end
before the workload really began

don't tell your lies
or show your fear,
for in the darkened moments
we can become like an angry bear
nothing seems right
or remotely fair

Just do what you were trained for.
These types of days are just the right ones
for nail biting, hair raising day that is going on too long and needs to end type. Today was one of those

Untitled 4.png

Seems my fingers wanted to do a blend of poetry and who knows what.


Good to see you back again. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to.
We all have those days when everything seems to be out of control. The best you can do is roll with it and be thankful it's not every day!

Thank you. I am very glad it doesn't happen every day. There are weeks where it seems the chaos will not leave but I still have control. Sadly this week was not one of them lol.