5 Minute Freewrite (4/28/20) Describe Your Table

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Tami and Josh had been going out for about 8 months now. Tami was a waitress at the small town cafe where they live, but she never talked about her work. One day he decided to get a little curious, and showing her that he truly wants to know about her job and how she feels about it.
"do you have a favorite seating there? One that makes you really enjoy your job?"
"well, yes there are a few. But one in particular that has been around for a long time."
"ok" said Josh. "describe your table. Help me visualize it"
Okay..., well the table is mahogany and..
"Hun, I meant describe the customer."

Ok, who fast forwarded the timer?? I was almost on a roll. Lucky for you guys and bummer for me. Thanks for stopping by. :) It was not easy to refrain from correcting my grammar either. Plus side of freewrites, mistakes are allowed.