Packed House @ Ozzie's for Derrick Broze's Activation Tour ~ #spreadingfreedom

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If you saw my last post, you'll know that my Bar, Ozzie's Sports Bar & Grill, hosted Derrick Broze and his partner, Miriam, for his Activation Tour. It focused mainly on technocracy, and understanding what the future holds in terms of government control via social credit scores, micro chipping people, etc...

We did a Jersey Swap, lol.


I didn't really know what to expect in regards to an audience. My upstairs area fits about 10 tables, so around 40 people comfortably for dining. In this circumstance, we removed most of the tables, and set up a bunch of chairs to maximize the space. Even then, we still had a standing room crowd, it was AWESOME to see.


I gander there was close to 60 people at one point, but it got so crowded, a few groups meandered downstairs and grabbed a bite to eat and listened from down below.


Miriam started off with a talk on meditation which was cool. I've never really meditated myself, even though I grasp the benefits, I have a very difficult time trying to get my mind to not think. But after hearing her talk, I'm gonna try and give it a small go here eventually. Even if it's just for a few minutes.

Derrick followed up with a nice story on his background, one which I knew a little bit about, but to hear it from him and for him to share some close personal stories, I got a better understanding of his reasons for doing what he's doing and why he got involved in this quest to begin with.


I'm pretty well versed in technocracy and most of what he elaborated on, but the coolest thing, for me anyway, was that the demographics down here in Bucerias, are not what you would call hip or youthful.

I am 35, and most of the people I see in the freedom circles I follow are relatively close to that age. Sure there are some trail blazers in their 50's, maybe 60's, but I would say those are the outliers.

Besides myself and a few local new friends I've met down here, most of the audience consisted of Boomers.

I was pretty blown away, honestly. Back home in MN, or the States in general, the Boomer population is high and above all about voting and democracy. So to see the older generation, ears and eyes wide open, listening to Derrick talk about things I've been talking about for a long time (while getting consistent eye rolls) was quite the sight to see. It was a real treat, honestly. It gave me more hope for the future to see that this belief in freedom wasn't just limited to the younger crowd yearning for freedom for themselves, but also the older crowd yearning for freedom for future generations.


Overall, it was a great experience. It was really nice to finally meet Derrick after following him on social media all these years. He's a real cool dude, down to earth, and clearly doing great work advancing the freedom movement.

Thanks for reading and thanks to @dbroze for hosting his event at Ozzie's.

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This is awesome dude! Happy that you are finding success with your place and that you got to host an awesome speaker. Looks like plenty of people showed up. I wonder what will be your next big thing 🤔

Thanks bud.

I wonder what will be your next big thing 🤔

Great question! I'll be sure to let you know :)

Nice work man! You're livin' da dream! 😃

Thanks man, it's not a bad life.

That is pretty cool! Wow, standing room only! That is something to be proud of for sure! I am the same as you. Meditating is pretty much a no go for me because I can't get my mind to shut off.

I had to stand on the stairs, I gave up my chair after people just kept on coming, lol. Not a bad problem to have.

Not at all! Especially if they stuck around to eat and drink too!

Don't lie. This was a snake handlers service. You were born a snake handler, you will die a snake handler.

I had the honor of meeting Derrick and Miriam in Acapulco this last February. And accidentally even. I was attending Anarchapulco, while Derrick was giving workshops at Agorapulco, in the place where I was staying! I got out of the taxi, and there he was! Eventually both crowds came together as one unified group so that was awesome.
I'm glad you had a good time!

Oh, and by the way, I featured your post on ListNerds.
If you have questions about that, please let me know!

Super cool! The world has a way of making people meet when they should, and making things happen when they should, as well.

I have heard about list nerds, but haven't dug in at all. Feel free to fill me in, or shoot me a link. Gracias!

Making huge strides and way to go packing the crowds in!

Funny thing. There used to be an Ozzie's Sports Bar and Grill here in St. Louis, MO owned by former NBA player Ozzie Smith! @intothewild



Thanks, Nina! I saw that on google actually, and was a fan of Ozzie's growing was the MLB though, not NBA. He was a shortstop and would do back flips all the time, he was fun to watch.

Right after poting my comment I knew I mistakenly typed NBA instead of MLB but was too lazy to edit it.✍ I grew up going to games at Busch Stadium and watched Ozzie Smith do his famous back flips.⚾️🤸‍♂️💨 (Boomer here 🙋‍♀️✋🙆‍♀️) He was an amazing player and is a charismatic person.

I'm surprised I didn't type NHL!😀 Truth be told I was still reeling from excitement of the STL Blues NHL winning away game 5 in the playoffs series round 1 against the Minnesota Wild in a fantastic, record setting game. Game 6 is Thursday night back home on St. Louis ice. Hopefully we win and clench the series so we can play the Avalanche in round 2. I am a die hard Blues hockey fan!!!🏒🚨🥅

Is playoff hockey a big deal at your Ozzie's Sports Bar & Grill? Hope so! @intothewild

Girllllll, you know I’m from MN and the Wild are my team, right?!?

Your Blues are going down tonight! Lol

There are a ton of Canadians down here, so ya, hockey is probably the BIGGEST of all the sports for my bar.

Lol! No I did not know you were from "Minnie sew tuh!" I thought your username referred to your love of the outdoors and dabbling in all kinds of food! Makes perfect sense - excellent play on words!

The Wild and The Blues are a fantastic match up of teams to watch and should be an exciting game!

May the best team win game 6 of round 1 and move on in the playoffs!!! @intothewild


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I already do! But no one has offered to pay with it yet.

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Damn straight!

beautiful brr..looking forward to seeing here on listnerds


Just stumbled onto your account today because you voted on one of my posts. Can't believe I hadn't come across you before! I look forward to seeing more of your content. You seem to be up to some cool stuff!

Hey man, thanks. Ive been following you for a while now, keep doin what you're doing :)

Glad to here you are doing so well. Having great speakers has got to be good for business.

For sure, it was pretty cool. Would love to keep doing events up there, whatever they may be. Had a good sized birthday party a few weeks prior that was a big hit too. No complaints.

This is really nice, keep up the good work.

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