What is Fractal Democracy?

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In my recent blog about Fractal Democracy at fractally.com I provide some powerful insights into the nature of true democracy. If you value life, liberty, property and justice for all then it is critical to understand that voting does not define democracy and that all true democracies must be fractal in structure.


cool idea, I'll have to dive more into it :)

How does this idea differ from the 8-Matrix Solutions?

circle of power over the same set of people, and we still call it democracy.

It is not demoncracy, that is the propaganda. The Republic is the Latin word for public affair. We got lucky enough to have a Republic setup to create the fiction called the USA. The word demoncracy does not appear anywhere in the constitution (still even after amendments). Demoncracy seems to be what the modem press is using to hide the republic and push collectivism (give up rights for the greater good). I'm not saying Repulic is the right word ether. Basically, anything other than demoncracy will do.

Перевод на русский язык статьи "Что такое фрактальная демократия" - https://hive.blog/fractally/@shakhruz/chto-takoe-fraktalnaya-demokratiya

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