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These fucking criminals in FIFA set up another game win for those they needed to win.
The whole game the piece of shit referee, every contested corner, every contested out that was close to creating danger for Argentina goal he gave them the ball. When we complained once he gave 3 yellows right away, when Argentina complained every single call, he ran away from them. They fucking chased him and he ran, didnt give them a single yellow.
Messi needed to win.

So I have to say FUCK FIFA. We screwed over FIFA when we beat Brazil and they couldnt let it happen again.

The whole game was changed when the ref gave the penalty to Argentina because our goalkeeper simply exists. No call from VAR to check that the attacking player tackled our goalkeeper.
Third time they did this to us. In the 2018 final and in 2014 when the host nation, Brazil, needed to win and the ref gifted them a penalty that didnt exist in the slightest.

Disgusting to the max.


FIFA is a corrupt POS not just this way. Why give the tournament to a country as blatantly in violation of its guest workers' basic rights?

Finally. Welcome.


Haha, I was about to write something in that direction but you said it all in two words. 🤣

I feel it. Sorry to hear. Like I always say... everything is political.

There was no way you were going to be allowed to ruin Messi's fairytale end to his career by picking up the only major trophy he hasn't won!
It's fate....sorry, I meant 'fraud', I knew it started with 'f', as does FUCKFANTINO!!!