Winter Diet Plans...

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I've been on a serious munch mission for the last several months, and over the past week especially, during which I've eaten an incredible amount of MEAT.

I mean on Friday we had a take-out breakfast from a local cafe (uber eats) which was MEAT heavy and then mixed chicken and donor kebab from this place in Ramsgate and FFS the portion sizes were enormous - I should have clocked the look the guy gave me - it said 'one between two is enough' - honestly I had to leave most of the PITTA which is rare.

And then we went OUT to a proper Turkish restaurant on Sunday and basically had the same thing - just on a platter with smaller pittas and stuffed vine leaves and other grilled veg.

And all of that supplemented by streaky bacon and eggs for breakfast several days.

And I somehow needed a bacon sandwich from Gregg's this morning - still not sure how I managed to get ketchup on the coffee cup..


Still that REALLY hit the spot.

From Meat to a Simple Diet for a While at Least!

If I'm being totally honest I've really enjoyed eating a lot of meat these last few days and I don't feel any sense of physical ailment from doing so.

However, I am also aware that my stomach has come under something of a workout and I am putting on fat, and this is mostly due to my meat consumption, which is maybe getting out of hand!

So I'm gonna treat myself to several days of nice vegetarianism and intermittent fasting to give my stomach a break and burn off some of this fat!

I mean real simple, I'm gonna for just two meals like...

  • 14.00 - Meal 1 = porridge with nuts and seeds and fruit OR salad with pitta and oatcakes and maybe some houmous and tiny bit of cheese.
  • 20.00 - Meal 2 - stir fry or veg chilli with rice and beans and lots of veg.

I MIGHT throw in a protein shake between those two as well, that's relatively simples!

NB the reason for eating so late is that I'm probably gonna join a gym with the GF next week and evening workouts are gonna be the thing, so we won't be eating until late I imagine and so a late start is necessary to keep that window small.

14.00 is about as late as I can manage and sustain the intermittent fasting!

So in short I'm looking forwards to this...


I just feel this is necessary as I want to feel a little lighter and a little, well, emptier in the stomach and also I think it's good to break habits and meat eating is (was!) heading towards that!

And there's nothing wrong with salad and pitta, mate! Maybe just one pitta going forward though!


The force is strong with you! How can you manage to drift so apart from two far apart diets? Congratulations!

Good luck with the healthy eating,.I'm trying to shed a few pounds too. It ain't easy.

The vegan community on Hive is very active and you can learn very easy, quick, cheap and nutritious recipes over here :)

i think i eat meat or chiken everyday...