Skinny Native Chicken for 250pesos. Is it worth it?

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My sister, @gerel and I together with my baby were on our way back to our place after we went for a swim this morning, when one of my friends/neighbor, Hannie called me and asked if I wanted to buy some native chicken. It close to lunch time and we didn't have anything prepared upstairs other than lettuce. My sister has also been complaining that she was hungry while me and baby were in pool. So, I thought it was a good idea to just buy some that way we can just eat right away when we back to our place.

I bought two it cost 250each and 50pesos for the chicken liver for my sister, am not really a fan of livers either from pig or chicken.


It's my friend, Anilou actually ordered a bunched of native chicken all the way her province in Cebu and had it delivered here. I remember she sent a message on our workout class chat group if we were interested to buy some but I didn't confirm because at that time I just finished my early dinner, lol.

Well, it's funny because this morning, I was with my other friend, Chuchie and we were on our way to the gym when we saw Anilou outside walking her dog and they were talking about Chuchie's the native chicken that she ordered. Maybe I'll wasn't craving for the type of chicken until I actually tasted it!


I know it does not look like the kind of chicken that you always see in the fancy restaurants but this one is definitely healthier than the ones we always buy.

I said healthier because they only eat what's on the ground that's why it's skinny.
When we brought it to the table, right away if smelled lemon grass and Charcot. Hhhhhmmmm! It reminds me of my childhood memories when I used to live with my grandparents. I used to only eat native chicken whenever we're at my grandparents farm and everything smells good, the burning of the wood, the native chicken roasting.


What I like about the way they cooked thechicken is that most the herbs that they put in it are edible to eat except for one stem that I actually don't recognise. It has tiny leaves on it and it almost taste like Japanese spinach. I have yet to ask my friend, Anilou about it. But my sister and I really enjoyed.
For the price, it might be a little bit pricey since you can actually get twice the size of the chicken from a regular roastery but if you consider where it's originated, it traveled a little over two hours to get here so maybe it worth it, right?

We only finished one chicken and was actually enough, our eyes are bigger than our stomach! I think it's because the meat is pack or I call it "sik-sik". Even if was promise that we only finished one chicken, I was more satisfied than actually overeating and that's without rice. Hmmmm, okay so you're probably wondering why not eat rice?


The chicken wasn't too salty but it has enough flavor so I didn't need have rice with it, although my sister had a tiny bit of rice because she cannot survive without it, lol. Usually when we eat Filipino meat I need some carbs to eat with it, either rice or sweet potato or plantains because most Filipino dishes are pack with salt. Well, also depending on the person whose preparing the food but it's just in general.
So for me the price was worth it and we still have one more chicken to share for dinner.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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Hey @purepinay!

We don't know each other very well - I think I may have made the odd comment or two on your blog in recent months. In fact, up until recently I thought you were new to However, I thought I'd offer up a suggestion (in my humble opinion, of course), based on the chatter I'm seeing both here onchain and on Discord.

It would be a good idea for you to share a post that addresses the issue of how you've been paying people to write your content.

I know you replied on your post that was recently found to be plagiarized, but in my mind (which seems to track with the feelings of others), this is a pretty big violation of trust, especially given your position as a community leader on Hive. Without some sort of public statement, it gives the appearance that you're simply ignoring it and moving on, which doesn't help to repair the damage done.

Thanks, and I'm sure many from the Hive community would appreciate you clearing this up soon.

I've read through the comments on this both here and the one that @wil.metcalfe left on another post. Seems to me the major issue is that @purepinay, or anyone else, needs to own responsibility for anything that shows up on their account.

Hiring someone to create content is very debatable on a platform like this but to not 100% take responsibility to make sure it meets community standards is 100% wrong.

There's not really a way to know if any account has a ghostwriter (she called them editors). That's the nature of ghostwriting. The person who engages the outside help to get work done has to own the good, the bad and the ugly just the same as if she did the plagiarism herself.

Putting up that someone else did the deed is not an excuse or an out. Just for the record, anything appearing on my account has been created by me unless stated differently :).

I personally think from the standpoint of integrity, on a platform like Hive it should be upfront and stated when content has been prepared by someone else. What a person does on their own blogs is up to them but the norm on here is to expect the stated creator is the creator. It could be as simple as 'content was created under contract to the account holder'.

Hi, Tracy! Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I will work on the post very soon. Am sorry if haven't replied to the previous comment posts, am actually trying to find the courage to even open that blog, it's quite overwhelming but I know I have to give people an explanation of this matter.

find the courage

If you cannot find the courage to address the issues you should find the courage to stop posting altogether. As @traciyork says it looks like you're completely ignoring the issue. As @azircon says, trust will be difficult to find and as @livinguktaiwan says, we're looking forward to your explanation.

I think that says it all. If you have trouble understanding the tone of my comment feel free to pay someone to interpret for you, but some ownership would go a long way right now, however you find it. I think those grinding it out in an honest way on the blockchain deserve it.

We look forward to your explanation @purepinay otherwise it looks bad on yourself and all the community leaders who work hard to keep Hive an abuse free platform

As Galen says, considering what happened, your next posts should really be looking to mend some fences. I don't think I am the only one who is disappointed to see this kind of behavior.

Hi @traciyork, @galenkp, @livinguktaiwan, and @tarazkp. I have left a comment about this subject over on another of Gil's posts. I am basically refuting the idea that you should NEVER hire outside help for the development of content. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the matter. -Wil

If you ghostwrite you should make it abundantly clear that that's the case, anything else is just as bad as plagiarism in the eyes of a curator. They can then decide if they want to upvote or downvote to adjust rewards based on the info being delivered.


@wil.metcalfe, I don't see the point of sharing my thoughts until after @purepinay shares her explanation post, especially as there are others who are much more familiar with the situation than I am.

That's fine and I respect that decision. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you are waiting before adding further. I think that is a very wise approach.

You should



As a stakeholder I am cringing that the platform support this type of behavior. This is a social network and this behavior seems unethical and substantial money making opportunity to me. Especially a person who “claims” to be a community leader. What kind of leadership is this?

it's questionable but not uncommon on social networks. Lots of 'influencers' have content created for them. They usually execute getting the work done and using it in a much more professional manner so no one even knows it's not their own work.

That's not to say that the platform has to support it but be aware when someone who lets slip what they are doing is penalized, someone else gets away with it by being able to hide.

I'd prefer if there was transparency and then people could make their own choices if they are going to support the work or not.

This right here...this was the essence of my thoughts too :-)

Yes. There is absolute transparency from my end. I don’t support it. Never will.

Can't say I disagree. I'm usually a person who likes to support good content creators who I get to know.

we are on the same page @shadowspub

Such a kind of food always gives a satisfaction for consumption as it nourish naturally what it found surrounding, taste and flavour make it more attractive for the people.

Lamia uyyyy! untitled.gif

Maayo pa nag hapit me. Hahaha 😁😁😁

Ubos ni ate gilaine isang buong manok hahaha.

I prefer native chicken to agriculture reared ones l, because they're more flavorful

lahi raba jud ang flavor basta gutom man noon ko ga tan-aw.

Manok na bisaya kay soooo lamiiiiii🤤🤤🤤