Polar Vantage V

in #fitness2 years ago

Got a watch to monitor my heart.. cause its falling in love a lot lately.


The lame thing. when you get something new.0 battery 🥵

I got this one cause its one of the best heart monitors. despite having most of my gear on the garmin side.20200801_100517.jpg





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fall in love

Πολύ ωραίο!!!

I hope to go for it soon. Thanks for sharing 👍

I love this fitness watch although I have one I bought in the beginning of this year but it went lost when I went for a short sport program here in Abuja. Nigeria 🇳🇬. I hope to have another new one very soon thanks for this watch update. I just followed you now.

Oh this is really nice and the watch fits your wrist perfectly well. You've got a lovely hand😊 @steemychicken1