The Daily Meme #543!

in #firesale3 months ago

Time to tank up, crypto enthusiasts.
The fire sale is going on in the clearance aisle.
IF you have the money to gamble, you might want to buy all the way down so you don't have buy on the way up.
I have my orders set and waiting to puff up the bags.
I've already had one go through and that was a nice surprise, indeed.


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Are you are tired of paying your masters to bomb children in far away places?
Perhaps it is time you pushed back on that.
A simple way that anybody can do that is to hoard your coins.
A dollar of change in your pocket is a dollar of value out of the banksters' pockets that force us to pay them so they can play in the amusement parks from hell and shop in the human grocery stores.
'Aint that fresh?'

Metal in your own possession will always have more intrinsic value than digits on a bankster's ledger.

What's so civil about war, anyway?

Hunter's song

That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise mundane day.
To contest the characterization of your day as mundane, make a post of your own explaining why your day is not mundane and ping me, eh?

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Billy Jack, the movie.
The Trial of Billy Jack.
Billy Jack goes to Washington.

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tranquilo que todo lo que baja sube

Sí, son los banqueros los que sacuden las manos débiles y crédulas.

this is the way of the world do you think it can be changed?

I'll read it and let you know

If you tell your neighbors we might be able to pull it off.


can't wait to buy me some cheap Hive :) but 33 cents it's bit too high for now

Yeah, I don't think the bottom is in yet, either.

agreeing on stuff is rare for us two :)))) jk

I'm waiting for it to go down a bit more I'm going to buy 5 dollars.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.

I hope in a few years I will have enough power to generate and assist

i just wish i had more fiat to buy more hive!! cheap hive for the grab

Yes, I suspect we won't get too many more chances like this one.
At some point buying in will get real expensive.

i wish you are right, i dont really like to see that bloodbath that often

This is nothing, you should have been here when it went from over 4usd to .07usd.
That was hard.
Hopefully we don't have more of that, although, it would be a great buy if you want more hp.

i was here hahaha.... we are at the bottom of that right now

I would buy some HIVE if I had cash.

Yes, we'd all buy more at .07usd, if we could.


What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

Credit: thales7
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😉😁😎🤙 Uh oh, Run and Hide crypto!! :P