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Hello everyone in the Hive community.

First, I would like to thanks @lovesniper @anggreklestari from @OCD team for letting me know about newbies introduction post. I'm honored to be here in this amazing Web3 Blockchain platform.

This is Rap from the land of Orient Pearl, Philippines. I discovered @Hive by browsing Web3 Blockchain applications. I've been to Blockchain industry since 2018, I practice trading crypto and studying the charts every timeframe. I'm always hunting for new project's in every network but this Hive thing is new to me and the dApps are so amazing. That's how techy I am.

About my Likes and Hobbies

There's a crazy thing about me, I'm always obsessed in pets like dogs, cats, fishes and reptiles. My hobbies are keeping them. They are my stress reliever😇.

My Dogs


Togo and Siri, cuddling with your dog stop depression, relieves stress and strengthen you day.😊

My Fish

DSC_1437 (1).JPG

It's called Flower Horn his name is Zankooku😆

My Cats


Miggy and Snow😻

My Dragon


I called him Draco😆

La Familia


"We may have our differences, but nothing's more important than FAMILY"

Soon I'll be posting more about Blockchain Industry new upcoming networks and more gaming play to earn crypto, trading strategy and the other topics also will be traveling, photography, foods and many more so follow me and see you soon ;j🛫


Thank you everyone and GOD BLESS!!🙏


Hello @urbanexplorer! Welcome to Hive. We also have a Filipino Community here in Hive - Hive PH! If you want to know more about Hive or build your connections, you are welcome to join us on our discord server!

Welcome to Hive!

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thank you ;j

You're welcome @urbanexplorer! Have a nice day 😊👍

Welcome on HIVE 😊 Hope you enjoy the time :)

Hello @urbanexplorer wow pet lover and exotic keeper 😍 I am excited to read your pet stories 😍

Hi bro! Welcome to Hive. I see that you are very fond of trading and crypto stuff which is really good. Perhaps you can share some tips with us soon.

I love your pets especially Zankooku. I always wanted to care fish but my parents don't like it. Poor me! Draco is quite scary. Is he aggressive?

Anyways, enjoy your time exploring Hive including the community. There are many communities and I know some of them are very suitable for you. Again, welcome!

Welcome here in Hive. You have lot of pets. Hello Togo and Siri and also to zankooku , miggy , snow and draco. 😊

Welcome on Hive UrbanExplorer. It seems like you love animals and crypto trading a lot. But in my case, I only have one pet and I'm into cryptospace since 2018 too. However, I just became active last 2020