FED says "Ooops!"

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Who did not see this coming? I mean, I'm sure there are a few people out there who thought this day would never come, but truthfully that type of thinking is just naive.


Technically and I'm using bold letters to make a point here, our government is supposed to be smarter than this. As I type this, I happen to believe that even the screw ups are planned, but then again I got no hard proof to present.

It just seems rather "convenient" to say the least, that the pandemic, and now the war has been used to print out more cash than ever. If you care to look at the numbers the inflation rate in the US has hit an ATH (it's ridiculous), and somehow the government official, and even Biden the other day kept on repeating the lie: "Everything is fine, nothing is happening"

And... here we are. Fueling your car at this moment is too much of a commitment for most of us, and it won't get any better any time soon.

Here comes the crunch

My brother thinks I'm being apocalyptic, but none of this is sustainable. And now, the FED, the private Banks that makes a breaks the American economy has finally decided to up the rates. Inflation, as it turns out, is out of control. "Wow... bigly stuff here".

Later today we will get the new rates, but this is trickle down fuckery. The dominoes about to begin their collapse.



Surprissingly, for the moment, they only increased 0.25% on the interest rate...

it almost feel as if they are trying to measure market reaction... put the needle in gently...

I have the same feeling