Lufka @Berlin Squat Tacheles

in #filmphotographylast year (edited)

lufka berlin 02.jpg

Shot on Kodak EPP 100 (cross-processed), using a Graflex 4x5 camera and a Graflex 135mm lens. Scanned from c-print.


Hi There, I am Captain Klaus, a travelling photographer with a
professional background. I mostly shoot on large format colour film.

I do everything from developement to printing in my lab.
Check out @photolabo to have a look.

If you've seen this picture before, it must have been on the old chain...


The pictures came out so small I thought they were thumbnail links...Or maybe it's just my old eyes making them appear small. :)

It is a very old and small scan indeed, and I do not have the original anymore :(

Bummer, it tells the story though I guess. :)