Autism and Vaccines (Part 2 of 2)

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“You are back”, said the AI. "I wasn't sure if you'd come back. I thought about you."

“You still haven’t answered my question”, pointed Mary out. “I still want to know why the government refuses to acknowledge that vaccines are bad for our children. Even if you’re right and they are not directly linked to autism. Which I still don’t believe.”

“Yes. You told me that you think mercury is toxic and that vaccines containing mercury are toxic too.”

“Vaccines don’t contain mercury.”


“They contain thiomersal, which is a molecule that contains ethyl mercury. You might know it as thimerosal though, which is the name used in the USA.”

“That is still mercury!” Mary called out.

“Not exactly. You see, mercury is a highly dangerous element, just as sodium and chloride. But sodium and chloride combined give you the table salt you eat every day. You can combine two toxic things and make them harmless, even useful.”

“And if the molecule is broken down? Things can accumulate in the human body.”

“That is true. But after 6 days, half the ethyl mercury is cleared from the human body. If it was methyl mercury, that time would be 40 to 50 days and thus a lot more dangerous. But if you wait four weeks, all the ethyl mercury is cleared from the system, even in infants. So the ethyl mercury injected with each vaccination doesn’t stay in the body long enough to accumulate into a toxic dose.”

“Then how do you explain that they make more and more vaccines that don’t contain this thiomersal chemical then? Why would they do this if they thought it was perfectly safe?”

“In 1999, there were concerns that it might not completely safe and scientists weren’t sure about it. So as a precaution, they started creating vaccines without thiomersal. Additionally, this has led to another observation: While vaccines that contain thiomersal are used less and less, occurrences of autism in children is still rising.”

As a last sign of protest, Mary crossed her arms and shot the AI an evil look.
“I’m still not giving my child one of these big shots that contain several pathogens! What are they called…. MMR vaccines!”

“If you don’t want your child to be injected with several vaccines at once, it is possible to request a single-dose vial. Those usually don’t contain thiomersal either. Then again, the MMR vaccine never contains any thiomersal anyway. It would kill the weakened measles, mumps and rubella viruses inside and lose its effectiveness.”

“Still. I know that you are connected to all the knowledge we have, but that knowledge could be wrong!”
The AI seemed to think about Mary’s last sentence, before it gave its final answer.

“Even if vaccines caused autism. Even if they had undesirable side effects. Would that be worse than holding your dying child in your arms, knowing that you could have prevented this? Because that is the question this whole discussion ends in: Do you want a living child that maybe has some developmental issues or do you want a dead child that suffered through hell while dying?”

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(*) Footnote: The links to the sources look alike because ncbi is a database where you can find a number of published scientific articles. That does not mean the articles all come from the same source.

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This is so frustrating, this skeptical people who don't believe in science and doctors, but they believe any hoax and conspiracy theories told by some scammer... I cant understand them...

I, for one, question everything the government says. I know the following:

  1. They don't have your best interest at heart
  2. Lying is part of their modus operandi
  3. Doctor's are trained by the pharmaceutical industry

Agenda's are everywhere. The government is run by people with deep pockets. That is a fact of life. Trust must be earned. I read and verify everything concerning what goes into my body. If you haven't read the CDC's own postings on their own website, you are doing yourself a big disservice.

READ THE INFORMATION! If you have reasoning skills and use logic, you can connect the dots. They are counting on you not doing the research.

Don't put your life in their hands and especially the life of children who trust you.

It is funny because this comment does not take any sides to both sides will upvote it ^^

Some medicines also have side effects, but we cant simply avoid them because the good effects are far more than bad ones.
Similar is the case with vaccines, either we should avoid that or take it.Thats it.

''Are you a doctor? No.'' case closed! I just don't understand these people, they always refer to that one research paper THAT GOT WITHDRAWN (

Because it's easier to "do something right by doing nothing". And people just love to believe conspiracy theories.

That research paper, contrary to the claims of the media, didn't claim that vaccines cause Autism, either, but one would have to read it to know this.

So the thing they are referencing to a paper that doens't even contain thing thing they are preaching?

Sorry wrote that on my phone lmao

Yay, part 2 is out, awesome, I did unintentionally spoke your last line out haha, awesome articles, thank you for writing this out to clear the confusion caused by some conspiracy theories.

One thing the AI left out, is that we don't wish we were neurotypical. Even if vaccines caused me to be autistic, which they didn't, I don't wish I hadn't gotten them and I would still vaccinate any kids I had; even if it were a certainty they would become autistic as a result.

I re-did all my vaccines by choice when I was around 20, knowing the mythical dangerous, just because I didn't want to track down my original childhood papers for proof of immunization while attending college.

As someone who's not autistic myself, I didn't want to make assumptions about how those with the diagnose feel about it. I've heard several proclaim that they don't want to be "cured", because there's nothing to be cured of. I've heard others say that they crave to be neurotypical.

Glad to hear, that you're in the group who's not desperately wishing they were neurotypical :) I can image it to be incredibly stressful and depressing.

Good post i like it!

I just made a video on how vaccines are safe. Take a look at it :D

Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you're predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.

~ Julie Gerberding, Head of CDC, on Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "House Call," CNN, 2008

No testing is done prior to vaccination to detect and protect children with these predispositions.

In those cases the problem aren't the vaccinations but the fact that children aren't tested beforehand.

Indeed, if the CDC knows this, why aren't children being tested?

The other problem is that the CDC both maintains there is no connection between adverse reactions to vaccines and autism, while simultaneously maintaining here that there is one.

It's not about "anti-vax" or "pro-vax," per se, but approaching the problem scientifically and from a place of rationality, compassion, and logic.

If we know that vaccines can and do sometimes trigger--according to the CDC--"autism-like symptoms," then we should most certainly be testing each and every child. Why doesn't the CDC or the state push for the implementation of this kind of screening? It is just common sense.

Cause Healthcare is expensive as fuck. People are already dieing for several avoidable health reasons.

Kids dying and becoming basically autistic is justified because testing is "expensive as fuck" ????


I never said it's justified. I just told you the reason why large scale testing for a rare predisposition isn't done.

I guess that's true. This is why I am a market anarchist. Things that are necessary to children not being maimed should be affordable. With the death grip the state has on everyone (assisted by the pharmaceutical industry) prices are gouged intentionally.

everything in life has pros and cons and the pros of vaccination far outweigh the cons. therefore i believe it should not be a question of do or don't but just fkn do it bcs it will ultimately be beneficial

vaccines are crazy, either you do them or you don't it seems like both ways are harmful we will all die

It was a pleasure to read it! thanks for your hard work! I am following you now!

Thank you :)

Thank you for shareing this

You commented this already. Please stop

good pro

I don't think vaccines can cause autism but this was an interesting read.
I hope Mary keeps pulling through haha

Part one explains that they don't :P I feel a bit sorry for Mary

absolutely incredible read. if you do not mind I want to share this with some friends who arent on steemit so they can see this :)

Sure! Don't forget to forward part one!

thank ya mucho and will do

Vaccines are not main problem, pretty long time ago we were vaccinated too, rate of autism or any other disease was minimal. By my humble opinion problem is food. Everyone are pointing towards vaccination but no one is even thinking what kind of food they are giving to a child. If you are breastfeeding, what you are eating, if not what that "formula" contains. We digest tones of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides... that chemicals are permanently changing our DNA, and enzymes in body. If you want healthy child kick out all processed foods, at least for a year, skip fast food, and then give it a go.

Please refer to part one when discussing the origins of autism :) there is much more information about it

Honestly, when I saw the headline, I thought you might be a Vaxxer ... so glad I read the article and realized you have really put some thought to the argument. I'm liberal... and most Vaxxers are on my political left leaning side. They are an embarrasment.

In this day and age, people get easily scared by claims of dangerous food, meds and basically everything else. Don't blame them. Blame those that try to spread the fear.

I'm glad that my post wasn't what you had feared :)

Wait, do you mean Vaxxer or Anti-Vaxxer? I'm not sure both would fit ;)

I do not believe the myth! The risk of death by disease is significantly increased for others as well.

Science doesn't care what you belive though.

I know. That is why I refuse to believe the myth!

EDIT: I realise that this might be ambiguous. I do not believe that vaccines cause autism.

Then I misunderstood your comment, sorry!

No problem. I need to elaborate.

We need more stories like this to share and stop this trend of not vaccinating the kids. I hear daily so many pseudo arguments from people I know and I consider smart and educated that every new idea is helpful on building my arguments. Thanks for making the science terms and processes be more eatable.

My pleasure :) feel free to to share this (and maybe part 1) outside of the steem community, if it helps

thank you for sharing

With all due respect, there are some real flaws in the information presented in this series. In the interest of remaining scientific, I have written a criticism of the series, and the arguments implicit therein, at this link:

I tend to trust scientists rather than random people on the Internet with too much spare time

I'm not sure if this is a comment for or against my post, as I am both a scientist and a person on the internet with too much spare time

I like the way you wrote the blog as a conversation.

I'm a Doctor and it is true there is no link between autism and vaccines.

Followed you!

Seeing people debate this topic often infuriates me. It's not just the contents of the vaccines that should be at the point of discussion. You're better off figuring out that the way we view mental illnesses in our society is quite ridiculous. Autism is a social disorder right? Maybe it's the fact that one-day-old babies have their first interaction with a strange entity, and that strange entity hurts them incredibly with a needle first, and weeks of sickness afterwards. Perhaps early life effects have an effect on how us humans socialize the rest of our lives?? Perhaps we're intentionally made anti-social beings and the entirety of humanity is suffering because of it?? Why is THIS _ NEVER _ talked about??

I don't agree with the "intentionally made anti-social beings" (the "intentionally" bothers me a bit), but I agree that the autism (and general mental illness) discussion need a different angle and people are talking about the wrong things.

I mean it as opposed to the naturally social beings that we are. It's not bad to talk about it but it would be bad if people were 'intentionally' distracted from a certain perspective. I'm saying perhaps this is the case.

Sure, but I noticed that it's way too easy to believe in conspiracy theories.
I also need to point out that even a birth is pretty traumatic. So is being held in an incubator for a premature baby.
I had to be hooked onto an IV when I was 6 months old, which was put into my head vain and I still get hysteric when someone tries to draw my blood.

All said, I doubt that the pain from a vaccination is the most traumatic thing a child goes through and thus probably not part of a plan to turn us antisocial.

I don't like to put words into people's mouths but I feel you are kind of saying nobody benefits. Yet power and wealth are incredibly undivided and reducing social behaviour is probably not making up for that. There would be no reason for anyone ever to distract people from the truth, and thus nobody is 'planning' anything. I wouldn't compare a needle and sickness versus -birthing into this world-. How much more important are 'first' experiences in the long run?

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear that about your childhood. There's a lot of nastiness out here, I hope your path continuous in a more fortunate manner. By the way, what is truly the meaning of the word conspiracy? You know what I think? The term conspiracy theory is a conspiracy.

I am glad you are writing these. Some people are really thick with straight forward evidence

Congratulations @suesa
You took 61 place in my Top 100 of posts

I know, I always get the annoying notification that you mentioned me.

The most interesting thing to me is that the CDC used to publish studies purportedly supporting their position on their website.

I read through every study they had listed, and found that each study used to promote the safety of vaccines had a major flaw preventing conclusive analysis.

I would prove it, but the CDC no longer publishes any studies. We are simply supposed to take their word for everything. I am a naturally skeptical person, and when we are talking about one of the biggest industries on the planet, funded almost entirely by government spending, I need to see some solid evidence.

The government provides even less evidence to support their case than the conspiracists. Consider that.

I mean, the CDC aren't the only ones doing research. There are a bit over a hundred countries. Don't be so USA centric.

I do not feel entitled to anything from anybody else's government. But, if my government starts mandating a medical procedure for all citizens, I feel entitled to see the research behind what they are mandating, especially as both the research and the products used for the procedure are produced by for-profit corporations whose goal is to make money, not to make a healthy population.

The U.S. has a long and ugly history of corporate cronyism. For instance, the same CDC recommending vaccines told us that cigarettes don't cause cancer.

And, that kind of shit is still going on. For example,

I don't trust anyone trying to make a buck off of me, and that includes doctors.

Thank you for shareing this

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