Bringing A Feminine Touch To Food, Farming, & Crypto!

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I wanted to play Farming Tales so badly, but I couldn’t.

(Don’t know what Farming Tales is? You can read the new guide that @ryzeonline wrote to help you learn how to play)

Jay even said “Cyn, be my ‘guinea pig’ and play FT first, and see if you like it.”

But I had no idea where to start. “But how?” I said.

We looked at each other, then laughed because we both knew he would be the one to help me get started. Just like Emma Brown in his “Brown Family Tales” stories, I go to Jay when I need help to do something.

But he actually didn’t know how to help me at the time, because he hadn’t played it yet either.

So what do I do when my teacher doesn’t know how to do something? Well, we do it together.

(Yeah but Cyn, if neither of you know how to do it then how do you figure it out?)

Oh the age old question of how…

…it’s an easy answer… Google it.

And that is indeed what we did. And any time we couldn’t find an answer from Google then I would go ask @Phage93. (And I asked him about 1738 questions…this is not an exaggeration haha!)

First, we learned that we needed Wax to play Farming Tales, but Bittrex was being a little bitch and wouldn’t let us trade Hive for Wax. Ok, then let’s buy some Wax…duh right? Wrong. Bittrex was still being a little bitch and wouldn’t let me purchase with my debit card (because it’s a Canadian account and crypto is new so the bank won’t let me purchase crypto with my card)... ok so my bank was being a little bitch too lol!!

What can we do to get some Wax tokens?

Hey Phage, any chance you can help us?

He said yes! OMG a Godsend.

So I finally got some Wax.

“Let’s play then, right?” I thought to myself.

Whoa girl, slow your roll.

Wait. I have Wax, can’t I play?

Sure. Whatcha gonna buy with those WAX tokens?

Oh. Uh. Good question.

I had to go and take a break. I did my makeup and got dressed. I looked cute.

Look here’s a pic of me on a day I was trying to play Farming Tales (lol it doesn’t need to be here but I look cute and a little eye-candy never hurt anyone, so why not?)

Cyn Selfie FT.jpg

Ok, I’m dressed, made up, sitting in my spot, ready to play.

What do I buy?

I want a cute bumblebee, but I can’t buy one of those yet.

So I talked to Phage, watched a few videos, and ended up getting a chicken, (actually in the game they’re called leghorn hens.)

But for my post, we gonna call her a cute lil chicken.

Here’s what she looks like.

My leghorn hen.png

Ok yay! I got a chicky, let’s play!

Uh no…Phage says the animals need a building. What building do I get? A stable is nice and big for my cute lil chicken.

Nope. No go. The stable is for other animals, we need a coop. Oooohhh yeah real-life chickens live in coops. Ok.

I’ll get one. Thanks to Phage we got one.

My chicken's coop.png

We got a common cute lil chicken but I’m going to upgrade it because I want to earn more and it’s worth the investment to me. But we started with a common cute lil chicken.

Ok now we got a cute lil chicken and a coop. Now what?

Wait, what about these other animals? There’s so many, and in so many different colors!

Now, as a girl, when I have something I like…I want it in all the colors LOL

So I had my cute lil chicken, now I wanted a goat and a goose.

And our geese needed homes (geese shelters) too.

Here’s our lil farm…

Our goose.png
One of our cute lil geese

Our Geese shelter.png
Our goose shelter

Our goat.png
Our cute lil goat

Our stable.png
Our stable - our goat's home

They’re soooooo cute, aren’t they????

So now what? We got cute animals, they have a cute lil house. Let’s play.

But wait.

We need Seabiscuts.


Haha, that’s what I call CBITS - the in-game token used to buy food and water (for animals and plants).

If we take care of our babies (yes they’ve now been upgraded to cute lil animal babies in my mind) then they will grow, and we’ll harvest from them.

Whoa! Cyn how do you “harvest” an animal? Do you uh… kill… them?

Hey! I was a vegan. I don’t kill animals for sport, not even in a game. And this game is adorable. No killing.

We harvest sex.


Hahaha, I misspoke there, I mean SESTS - Farming Tales’s other in-game token that you earn.

For those of you guys wondering why I call SeaBiscuits and Sex by those names instead of their real names…it’s cuz I give lots of things nicknames haha. Sorry, not sorry. I can’t help it.

@ryzeonline has like 10 nicknames from me 😝 the only one I will share now is Dr. Banner. Yeah, that’s right I call him by ‘The Hulk’s’ real name. Why? Cuz he’s smart like Dr. Banner and he can get passionate like The Hulk LOL (notice I said ‘passionate’ not ‘angry’ 😝)

Anyway… back to Farming Tales…

So it costs 5 Seabiscuits (CBITs) to feed your animals, and then you click on the lil building, and then on one of the cute lil animal babies and hit the harvest button - BAM! Sex (SEST) goes into your in-game wallet.

We made an initial investment, spent time googling, bugging Phage, and learning how to play. And now I can harvest my cute lil chickens every hour (the other animals are every two hours) and it’s soooo much fun.

The best part of the game is that there is a real-life chicken in Italy or Tenerife that is mine.

There are real-life farmers out there that I am “working with” to harvest and farm with. This is the coolest part for me. My cute lil animal babies are NFT’s. (Don’t know what an NFT is? Checkout Jay’s Cryptionary Blockchain Glossary.

I don’t play as many games as Jay, but I do enjoy playing games. I’ve played mostly League of Legends, Path of Exile, Magic The Gathering, and now Farming Tales. I have to admit this game is definitely appealing for girls.

There’s no killing, shooting, beating people up - the whole farm is beyond cute and fun - and you earn crypto!

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest reading Jay’s new guide that goes into further detail about how to play, the proper steps to get from “WTF is Wax?” to “YAY I’m rich with SEST”, lol! And you can also join @farmingtales here on Hive and they also have a Discord server where they answer most questions quickly!

Here's where I would add my links to my other gaming posts but since I haven't written about games before, I don’t have any game posts to link to...but here’s some of Jay’s you might like.

~Love, Cyn

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I'd have given up at the attempts to get WAX stage. Sounds like too much hassle for a game I don't even know if I want to play. 😅 It would be back to Splinterlands for me. Looks cute, though.

LOL! I knew I wanted to play it and it's super fun and was totally worth the hassle. I don't think everyone has this issue. I think it's cuz Canada hates crypto haha. I couldn't get into Splinterlands. Magic is better 😝 (just kidding I have no idea, never played Splinterlands).

Don't all banks hate it? 😉 We have similar issues with some of the banks here in Australia. Luckily, splinterlands is connected to Hive, so no issues there at all.

Heard Magic mentioned...I think...brain not the best of late. Never looked into it, though. Have you played it?

lol true all banks hate it. Farming Tales is going to be on the Hive blockchain soon. They're working on it now.

And yes I love Magic. @ryzeonline introduced me to it. He bought me a few packs of cards but we also play online occasionally together. It's really fun! If you play let me know and we can play together!

Oh gracias Cyn, voy a leerlos, ya quería jugar otra cosa distinta a splinterland pero no tenia idea, gracias por compartir, muy útil!!

Yay! I'm so glad you're having fun with Farming Tales, it really is quite a cool game. Looking forward to your NFT upgrade soon! :) 🙏

Thank You for all Your help! I am also looking forward to the upgrade yay!!!


Beautiful post! Happy to see if you can grab a prize for this week's contest!

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