The Slaughter House- Original Poem and Commentary - Enjoy with Troy!

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The Slaughter House

Preyed and peddled and packaged for cash
Hunted and haunted and spit out like trash.
Slaughtered and spattered and hung out to die
Baggaged in tears, yet voiceless to cry.

Processed and purchased in profit and pain
Labeled with lies, the CPS name.
Tethered and trafficked and tied up in fear
Weathered and weary, and helpless the tear.

Stolen and scattered, and littered in waste
Beaten and battered, in shameful disgrace
Helpless and hopeless, the courts to deny
Broken and homeless, their future in lie.

Babies are farmed and apathy thrives
While butchered are children, and families and lives
The cutting is sharp, a carcass of horror.
The CPS blade will slice many more.

Unless we protect each innocent heart,
The CPS blade will tear them apart.
Turn off the monster, slaughter machine!
Oh, can't you hear each voiceless scream?

The switch must be pulled, the conveyor to end
Will you help protect, to save and defend?
The CPS slaughter screams out in the horror
With mllions of families... oh how many more?



With dead carcasses hanging on the conveyor belt, pig slaughtering is not a pretty sight. But even more gruesome, is the slaughter of children and families. Pigs at least go on to pig heaven. In the mean time little children have to endure a life of hell on earth.

This little piggie went to market. This little piggie stayed home. This little piggie had roast beef (to fatten it up for butchering). A well known kids nursery story, offers irony to the tragic child trafficking horror today.

The parallels and irony of a meat packing plant and the CPS slaughter house are abundant and in plain sight. With the conveyor blet of governmental greed, lives are butchered, shipped out in foster care, and marketed in child trafficking. Many end up homeless, on the street, peddled for sex or even dead. It is up to us to pull the switch and shut down the filthy CPS slaughter house forever. The voiceless scream of the innocent from the killing floor echoes in their faces and lives.

The slaughter house turns families into a slaughtered home. Children are not pork to be processed. There needs to be a zero tolerance non compliance to governmental child theft and trafficking.

The CPS has slaughtered families far too long. Will you help end this murder of innocence and save our children? Together. we can pull the switch and save lives.

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Unless we protect each innocent heart, The CPS blade will tear them apart.

Hard hitting, your poems maybe hard for some to read but we need people like you who are trying to shine a light on the merky world of legal kidnapping.

If these posts make only one person stop and think about what's really going on then they are a success.

Thanks @enjoywithtroy for your continued effort, you are a hero in my eyes.

Thanks Mark. Yeah, if there was a way to reach those hurting, who would benefit from our FP posts, that would be so helpful. But how do our writings reach the many families outside of Hive? I hope someone one day organizes a cross reference data base of our many posts, and our writings could be used for change by those who have influence and sway. Again thanks for your kind words. Blessings.