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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was innocence
Where laughter frolicked and babies played
Where smiles and sparkles never fade
And sweet harmony was everywhere.

Once upon a time there were families
Who lived and loved each day to be
Who tasted life, a world so free
Without the chains of grim despair.

Once upon a time, lost fairy tale
With broken homes and battered lives
With trafficked babes, a dream that dies
And memories haunt, a voiceless stare.

Once upon a time cries out in pain
Oh help me! Save me from this theft.
Shells of shattered lives are left...
Does anybody really care?

Once upon a time the world was free
Will we ever return or is it gone?
Is there harmony within this song,
Or will the heart forever tear?

Once upon a time depends on us.
When action lives and apathy dies
When we protect the voiceless cries
We breathe new life with love to share.

There was a time...

There was a time when families lived and thrived and children were free, as they laughed and played. That was before the days of child trafficking and the CPS.

Today, innocence is shattered, as babies are stolen and haunting memories replace childhood dreams. Parents and grandparents faintly remember a happier time, of smiles and playfulness in families... or was that a fairy tale? we imagined? Once upon a time seams so hard to realize in the present age of fear and corruption. Was that a fantasy that today's little ones will never know?

Ultimately, it is up to us to once again make it happen. We have the power when we choose action over apathy, when we hear the voiceless cries and ignore the 'for profit' lies of the CPS. When we preserve and protect the family, we save innocence. When we reach out to the hurting and helpless, we breathe life and love into their lives.

Joining together, we restore the dreams, and the fairy tale of freedom becomes the smiles and sparkles of sweet harmony and love.

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