Breaking The Addictive Multi-Generational Family Cycle - Enjoy with Troy!

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Those who will not hear, must be made to feel. -old German Proverb
Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. - George Santayana

Two quotes that compliment each other for those who have the wisdom to listen. I remember my step-granddad often saying the first one, when I was young. And yet, being young may be part of the problem. Remind me later to explain that.

How many times have we seen generational repeat of bad habits or situations. It may be where the old man is a drunk and his son takes to the bottle without understanding the connection. It could be cigarettes or an attitude of selfishness and apathy. For a girl, it may be a multi-generational attraction to abusive relationships, resulting in low self-esteem. It could be an addiction to food, drugs or sex...or all of the above.

I tell you, such conditions are prime prey for the vultures of the CPS to come and create havoc, taking your children and destroying your life. But remind me to tell you about that later.

On a personal level, I am reminded of my mom's story, Childhood Memories From My Mother, that I wrote on Hive back in May. Briefly, my mom did not know her dad or his family. He died in a car accident and she was withheld from knowing his family. Yet, she chose to prevent me from knowing my dad or his family growing up.

Two generations repeating the trauma of withholding family.

Add to that, my dad, who came from a divorced family and suffered psychological baggage from the divorce. He never wanted me to to go through the same, and yet what child from a divorced household does not experience emotional baggage?

Again we see the two generational repeat. Such would have been excellent opportunities for the CPS to swoop in and baby snatch. Thank God they did not exist then. But who the hell is this CPS, Troy? More on that later. I ask, why must history repeat itself. Ok, perhaps I should say, rhyme. But it sure feels like a repeat.



Damn, who is this guy anyway? He is staring at me almost laughing at the repetition. Yet, he may be the best example of what I speak.

Alfred, better known as Freddy, spent his childhood in an orphanage. You see his dad, Jack, was a British American minstrel, who died when he was young and his mom died years before in giving childbirth. His step-mom put two of the children in the Blue Coat School orphanage. It was Alfred's lucky day!

Did I mention the orphanage was the predecessor to the foster care CPS theft industry? seem so much the same in the generational transforming from the orphanage home racket to the CPS traffic for profit industry.

Well Alfred was witty and smoked and loved having a good time. He was a musician in a a theater troupe, but was forced to return to the orphanage. Damn! So much for breaking out. He later got involved in vaudeville and would impersonate Louis Armstrong, Al Jolson and played the banjo.

In 1938, he married Julia Stanley. At the time, Alfred was a steward on a navy ship. Together, they had one son, John, in 1940. But Al became a dead beat dad, before it was fashionable. He stopped sending checks in 1943 and disappeared. John had a half-sister who later was given up for adoption. Damn! It was her lucky day!

A few years passed, and John was forced to choose between his mother and dad. Who would he choose to live with? What a sad dilemma! Twice he chose his dad, but ended up in tears taking his mother. It was his aunt Minnie who eventually raised him. His mother, Julia, died in 1958.

Talk about baggage for a child! No child should endure that psychological mind game. But such was the beginnings of Beatle John Lennon.

And Strawberry Field was an orphanage not far from where John grew up. He would climb over the fence and watch from a distance in a tree. It is from these roots, we get the song, Mother. This was a song I could relate well to, considering my own upbringing of an absent dad and psychologically compromised mother. I remember cranking this on vinyl back in college. What was I thinking? Yet, in some wacked up way musicians like Lennon, can easily become our mentors to the baggage filled young adult. The lyrics and song are so raw and telling. Feel free to take a listen.

How do you say goodbye to someone you never truly had? How do you walk away from the baggage? Even those fortunate folks. who physically have parents, may not have the relationship and their love and thus have life long baggage. Yeah, the CPS would have had a heyday with John and the Lennon family, had they existed back then.

But then I think of the hell Julian Lennon went through, with enduring an absent father that never expressed his love. There was also Sean, who experienced his father's death so young. Yes folks, we have at least three generations, or more, of repeated psychological baggage. I remember those wise words spoken earlier, "Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

It seems that multi-generational parallels of families can be ironically endless.

And as for Alfred Lennon? He looked up his son, John, in 1964 at the peak of Beatlemania and was rejected. Al tried again a few months later, and was greeted by Cynthia Lennon. John learned that his old man had the same wacky humor he had. But when Al had made a record, John was embarrassed and prevented the record from becoming a hit. I wonder if John now regrets that decision?

News of Alfred's approaching death in 1976, brought a a phone call reconciliation. Al had penned a manuscript of his life's story and John realized he only wanted John to hear his side

I am reminded of Harry Chapin's Cat's In The Cradle and how those parent child relationships and good times never really come. I can say this from my own personal experience of an absent father who, at the end of life, I only saw a shell of the man he was. I wrote about this in September, 2021, in Photos. Reunions And The Innocent. Did I mention that both my parents and I have been musicians?

And yet today, the CPS thrives on multi-generational repeat business. For them it is fantastic and reduces much of the leg work of stalking. After all, who would not want a repeat customer?

And who, you ask, is the CPS? Thank you for reminding me to tell you.

Child Protective Services is a racketeering, for profit, branch of government, who stalks families for the theft of children. This Orwellian entity uses intimidation, manipulation, surprise and outright lies to kidnap your child. There are quotas and bonuses for every baby ripped from the arms of mom and dad.

In leu of orphanages, these young ones are placed into the foster care system. The are shuffled from home to home. Many end up on the streets as runaways, in prison or dead. Then there are those who are peddled in sex trafficking and rituals.



This is a business that brings in more revenue for the government than illegal guns and drugs combined. How do criminal politicians and CPS case workers break the addiction to this racketeering money drug? When will people mean more than profit? When will apathy and ignorance cease to exist? Why must there always be a financial incentive to do what is morally right?

The court system is bought off with compromised judges and lawyers in the pockets of the CPS. Parents spend their life saving to rescue their kidnapped child, only to find no justice.

And then there is the emotional life long psychological garbage that is left behind by the CPS. Depression, anger, guilt, hurt, misery, pain, emptiness, hopelessness, horrific nightmares, the death of dreams and haunting memories, the death of relationships and the premature death of innocence. And all for the profit of selfishness and greed by strangers, who come to steal and rape the family.

It's a real baby farm of conveyor belt slaughtered innocence. The face of tomorrow is the voiceless, helpless, numb deathlike shell that the CPS has fostered.

So what can we do to end child theft and repeating the generational cycle?

  • Protect children and families. Being a voice for those who are voiceless
  • Educate the world in an effort to eliminating ignorance and apathy
  • Be non -judgmental to those who have been victims of the CPS.
  • Come together in unity in a zero tolerance, non-compliance to the theft of children and war on the family.
  • Journal regarding family/CPS interaction is crucial.
  • Journal personally about emotions and experiences can help to release the negative impact. (You know... writing this article has helped me. But If it helps someone out their through their journey... it was worth it.)

And those who cannot hear must be made to feel. How is being young a problem?

Hey thanks for reminding me to answer that. When we are young, the brain has not developed to make wise decision. Yes, experience can contribute to wisdom, but age has a larger impact. I speak from both from literature I have read and personal experience. Honestly, I did not experience much wisdom until my late forties. But a good spiritual grounding and moral upbringing can help the young in their decision making.

Ultimately, it is up to us, together to protect the family from unnecessary multi-generational mistakes and psychological baggage. Physical or emotional abuse should never be part of a child's life. Neither should the CPS or any vulture of innocence. The glamourization of psychologically damaged role models as mentors must also end. Only when we choose to help others break the addictive cycle, will we see this.

How will you contribute to breaking this generational baggage? How will you help end the CPS and all forms of child trafficking?

When we hear, we don't need to needlessly feel. When we learn, we are no longer doomed to the cycle of repeating the past.

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