Fake account @trangbaby on steemit

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I have been notified there is the same account @trangbaby on Steemit. Omg, I never even consider registering with Steemit. My content and pictures have been copied by that spammer.

Do you know how to report this person? I would appreciate any advice.

I apologize for the short post.


My friend account @dora381 has been faked too ...hmmm


If you check steemd.com, two accounts seem to be created by same channel and at around same time. Same month at least.
That's all I can find so far.

Thank you for the link. I don't even know how to find the fake account LOL let alone having one there. I think there are probably more fake accounts on both Hive and Steemit that real owners are unaware of. This is so disgusting this behavior considering that we are trying to build a better community for everyone, we take plagiarism seriously but somewhere else bad people might steal our identity.

You're welcome

Thank you @happydolphin, I'm not really sure how to check things on Steemit :)
Anyway, the both accounts has been marked as "Identity Fraud" ^^

You're welcome

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Sounds similar to what happened to @creativemary. Steemit has some good content this way for once. 🤣

my account and my friend too :( for long time.

The account has been around for 6 months on Steemit, sis, Lol

They just discovered it while the account has been created for a while. Those on steemit who are looking for these fraudulent accounts need to work hard. 😆

Go to Hivewatchers discord and ask there. Steemit actually have this marked as identity fraud already.

Thank you @nathen007, yes the account has been reported and marked as "Identity Fraud" 🙂


They've also just removed their delegation to steemwomensclub so I guess they will now power down so I'll keep watching to see where the funds are sent!

You have a great Sunday :-)

Must be someone who knows me here. Even my friend's account @dora381 was forged. They were created at the same time. What a shame. Thanks for keeping an eye on it, and hope you're enjoying your Sunday too :)

Something similar happened to me before and its so annoying

Yes, I feel the same. Glad that someone notified me of it and the account has been banned on Steemit :)

Seems like we can't escape with the people who live in fraud. Hope that there's a way to close that account.

Yeah, it's really hard to track these disgusting frauds, but glad both accounts have been marked as "Identity Fraud" on Steemit, so I think they're not going to post anymore. 🙂

That's good to know. Thanks btw for following me back. 😊🥰

em đang định hỏi xem có phải chị ko cơ :))

Không phải chị nè, mà chị dora cũng bị fake bên Steemit. Nhưng cả 2 accounts bị tố giác và marked as "Identity Fraud" rồi nè 🙂

Kiểu này chắc kha khá ng bị đạo nhái .

trời có cả vụ này nữa à c. chắc acc xịn quá nên mới bị fake r

Do C không hoạt động bên Steemit nên không phát hiện ra, 6 tháng rồi, có chị Dora nữa nè :)

Glad you found this and that it has been stopped Trang.

Jeeeeeezzzz! People these days 😞🙄