Running Report: 20-11-2021

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Today's run was quite fast by my standards. It went that way because I paused the timer at a certain point before continuing with my run, leading to an interesting discovery.

I have always been the type to run throughout my intended distance without stopping for a walk, or taking a break. For me, slowing down was the way to go when I felt tired, but not stopping entirely or for a power walk.

Today though at about the 8km mark I stopped at a friends house (he's also my runner friend) who lost his dad last week and we'd not seeing since. After convincing him prior we take a run, we ended up doing about 5km today before I did the rest on my way back home.

The brief pause I had at his place for about 5 minutes completely re-energized me that I was able to hold 5:30 Pace per km for 15kms.

Perhaps I'll be experimenting with walking breaks for my long-runs going forward.

Keep running guys.


A friend of mine did his best marathon combining runs and walks sistematically

I wonder why I didn't take kindly to it at first...makes so much sense to me now