"The Hijacking of Green" -- From Beauty and Biodiversity to Fakery and Fascism

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By Julian Rose

As many people must now realise, the word ‘Green’ has been hijacked.

It used to mean ‘natural’, ‘diverse’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘human scale’.

That was while bona fide ecologists still held sway over the way the word was used.

‘Green’ meant taking a responsible position concerning the management of planetary resources; having empathy for nature, fertility, ecological food and community involvement.

But then in 1992, ‘The Earth Summit’ (Rio Summit) happened, along with ‘Agenda 21’. And something called ‘Sustainable Development’ became the catch-all promotional spin to sell the prescribed medicine. The deception.

That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Real Greens’ and the arrival of the corporate, banker-backed ‘Fake Green’ agenda we live with today.

The central component of the scam was, of course, ‘Global Warming’.

Let’s remind ourselves. At first it was called ‘The Greenhouse Effect’, then ‘Global Warming’ and then ‘Climate Change’.

Polar ice cap doomsday theorists, like ex-US Vice President Al Gore, came and went. But the ice didn’t.

In Britain the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sought to spearhead the ‘Stop Global Warming’ crusade.

IPCC gave lucrative contracts to around 2,000 scientists with instructions to produce a computer modelled climate graph which would show almost unstoppable ‘warming from CO2’….unless..

Overcoming the Robotic Mind: Why Humanity Must Come Through by Julian Rose

‘Unless’ strict measures were taken to - over a number of years - stop countries burning any more than their appointed allowance of fossil fuels. With ‘carbon fines’ imposed on those who did not conform.

Welcome - operation 'He who controls the climate agenda controls the world.'

‘Green’ became a word conveying the opposite of its original meaning. From being a pro-human, pro-ecological symbol - it became a symbol of Corporate Green Fascism.

This was verified by Klaus Schwab, head of The World Economic Forum, in his 2020 Davos announcement of ‘The Great Reset’; an industrialist/banker-led agenda with origins in The Club of Rome and Bilderberger groups of the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

Two leading components of the Great Reset are ‘Green New Deal’ and ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

The omega point of the great Davos fanfare was/is ‘Zero CO2 by 2040’.

But please note, CO2 is depicted in ubiquitous media photographs as smoking factory chimneys. But that has little or nothing to do with CO2. It is nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, water vapour and diverse particulates that form the chief components rising up out of those chimneys. There is nil science on display here. Except the science of the lie. The CO2 lie.

Zero CO2 quite literally means ‘no air to breathe’, as plant life depends upon carbon dioxide to provide the oxygen we breathe.

Mr Schwab is also pleased to tell us that ‘in order to save the world’ mankind is to lose its human identity and become a digitally programmed cyborg by 2030. An extension of a supercomputer programme. A ‘Transhuman’.

His chief advisor, Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari, says 'We will do better than God.'

In the meantime, transgenic/genetically modified food is announced as the future of the human diet.

To include synthetic foods produced from animal cells in laboratory Petri dishes and vegetables grown in vertical hydroponic greenhouses that use no soil. Just water and chemicals. This by 2030.

'Man must not be allowed to do any further harm to the environment' say the fake Greens. Instead, thousands of years of traditional ways of working the land must be phased out in a single decade.

So, under ‘Green New Deal’ farmers will become redundant, their work taken over by robots. And farm animals, accused of being ‘methane polluters’ will go with them.

Redundant farmers and disenfranchised country dwellers are to be herded into digital 5/6G-powered ‘smart cities’ to survive on a diet of insects and synthetic meat, synthetic dairy and synthetic vegetable products.

I report this as fact, since Klaus Schwab wrote it in his book The Great Reset, as well as appearing in somewhat edited form on the World Economic Forum website.

So ‘Green New Deal’ is simply the contrived reaction to the contrived ‘Global Warming-end-of-the- world’ scare story. A story with not a trace of empirical science to back it up.

CO2 ‘the gas of life’ at just 0.04% of atmospheric content, was chosen to be the scapegoat for a totalitarian planetary takeover, a fear-based brainwashing exercise.

An exercise to cow humanity into believing the end of the world is coming unless…..

Unless we embrace a totalitarian New World Order in which all private property is to be transferred into the hands of ‘the dictatorship’, ensuring that 'You will have nothing, and you will be happy'. (Klaus Schwab)

Let us remind ourselves once again of the Great Green Deal ‘Save the World’ message: 'For a Zero Carbon future, the world must end its dependency on fossil fuels. All energy must be renewable'.

But had anyone done their homework before this ’saviour pronouncement’ was made?

Seems not; as the intense mining of minerals and the construction of tens of thousands of steel, concrete and aluminium wind generators, combine to consume more energy than they give back.

All this manufacturing, including photovoltaic, relies heavily on fossil fuels. The very ‘CO2-causing’ agent supposedly to be kept under the ground. A Green Agenda, Herr Schwab?

At the top of the cult’s pyramid, they know this. The plan has always been to keep the ‘elite’ well housed, well heated and well fed on organic foods.

Fossil fuels will not be phased out, but will be steadily priced out of the market for ordinary people.

Sadly, this is what the fake political and non governmental ‘Green movement’ has also adopted as its ‘ecological message’.

They have been bought out. They followed the money and not their hearts or their heads.

They ended-up supporting ‘Sustainable Development’. The Rio Summit lie that has, up until now, fooled the world. And they recently adopted as their leader, none other than the newly enthroned monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles 111.

But is this political, corporate and royal lie already falling apart?

The impositions of trade restrictions on Russia was supposed to give the West the political ‘moral high ground’. A chance to show how well the ‘green energy saviour plan’ would work in meeting the needs of citizens of the European Union, when gas, oil and coal supplies are cut off or drastically curtailed.

But instead it appears to have caused a frenzied rush to reopen coal mines and buy as much gas and oil as possible from other parts of the world.

So where is the fossil-fuel-free ‘Green New Deal’ now?

In many ways Covid has been the sweetener for Green Deal enforcement at the ground level. It was supposed to get us used to living in fear and permanent acceptance of the autocratic behaviour of megalomaniacs preaching global destruction.

But quite a few of us didn’t buy it. Quite a few of us held firm to the biodiverse, ecological, Real Green agenda for a living breathing planet earth. Bravo!

But ‘we who didn’t buy it’ must do more than individually shout from the rooftops. We must now come together. We must present an impregnable thin red line against the attempted advances of the criminals running this planet.

We must hold the line for truth, wisdom, honour, and a future in which ‘Green’ regains its status as the true ecological signpost to a healed planet and a healed humanity.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and holistic teacher. He is Co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology HARE https://hardwickalliance.org/ . Julian’s latest book Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through is strongly recommended reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info

Image: Corbett Report

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You have a good grasp of the political realities extant, but have made no mention of the extensive use of psyops and bot posts that have given astroturfed the political field the game is played on. I think Musk estimated Twitter was ~60% bots when he was looking at backing out of the purchase, or appearing to.

The crisis actors and useful idiots that flesh out the tweeting golem aren't potential converts, and I am unaware of any actual people that want to wantonly slaughter spotted owls, despite living in timber land. Real folks, even the red necked loggers hereabouts, are already on the side of the living.

What we need is an agenda they can adopt individually to be secure from corralling in surveillance warrens. Decentralization of the means of production is presently the cutting edge of technological advance in all fields of industry, and particularly agriculture. You mentioned vertical farms, but those scale down even better than they scale up. Using aquaponics, even an apartment dweller in the big city can grow the food they need to eat in a sunny window. Folks without a sunny window can use LED lights to grow food in a garage or even a crawl space under a house. Not only plants, but aquatic life like tilapia and crawdads, which in aquaponics provide the nutrients for the greenery, which the plants filter out of the water, making it usable by the fish again.

Using 3D printers with stock recycled from plastic waste to make the trays, hoses and parts for the aquaponics system has been already done.

What we can do to end overlords, which is what Schwab and his ilk are, is to produce ourselves the goods and services we depend on for our sustenance, and to create the blessings of civilization. While centralized industry became more profitable by boosting economies of scale and increasing the productivity of workers, decentralized industry eliminates parasitic losses using bespoke local production, and the parasites are the overlords.

You don't need to take out a loan to buy your own factory or farm today. You can buy a 3D printer for the price of a good lunch with your family nowadays, and print your farm yourself. Decentralization is the end of Big Everything, from Big Ag to Big Oil. Back in 2008 3D printed solar panels were invented using PET plastic sheets which can be made from water bottles and printed on ordinary inkjet printers.

The real definition of wealth is independent means. Decentralization isn't just real wealth, it's real freedom too. Free people aren't granted freedom. They make it themselves, as free people always have. Today it's as easy as downloading the files off Thingiverse and printing them from recycled shopping bags and water bottles.

Not only will we create our own wealth and freedom by producing what we need ourselves, we'll end the flow of our production to overlords who can only parasitize their wealth when we eliminate parasitic losses from our production. They are the parasitic losses.

Let them get real jobs, eh?


What we can do to end overlords, which is what Schwab and his ilk are, is to produce ourselves the goods and services we depend on for our sustenance, and to create the blessings of civilization.

Do you think this makes a difference?
By us few trying to produce?
Against the masses of normies buying big tech/pharma and obeying to this socialistic fascism?

When the herd runs off the cliff, the survivors are the few that didn't.

You might note that eliminating parasitic losses increases productivity more than economies of scale, and outcompetes centralized industry. As people profit more by making their own goods and services, people that want to profit more from their work will follow their lead.

Like a leaky dam, the flood starts as a trickle. Every radical change in history began with one person. That's the only way change can happen.

So, yes I do think adopting and demonstrating a more profitable paradigm will make a difference. It will make all the difference.

Great points and great solutions, thanks again!

One of the most characteristic incidents, which confirms everything you mentioned, is the story behind Greenpeace. One of its founders left after a while, declaring that the whole organization had degenerated.

Yes, exactly.

Yeah This world is developing so fast that natural things are disappearing from the world like green trees. The cars have become so much that the fumes from the cars are not inhalable at all. I think no one can fight with nature's system, what nature has given us, nothing could have produced anything like the great will. Scientics is also saying that in the coming era, machines will produce children, but our country people do not remember this at all, which is the system of nature. We all should stop this system, health is life. Due to this pollution, heart diseases are increasing in our country. I think whoever the Israeli is saying is wrong in saying that nothing can be obtained from the system of nature. Corruption in politics has increased so much that our country has come very close to bankruptcy. We all have to work together to improve this system or it will all be over.

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Thank you very much for your interest in Counter Markets. I'm not getting an error message, maybe just a temporary glitch? https://countermarkets.com/

thank you :) got it working ^^ was some javascript setting on my side

Great! Thank you for letting me know. Enjoy...