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By popular request (one person), the top 100 EL scores for 2021 along with some chat on prizes and excuses as to why the author didn't make the top 100 😳

Sorry, can't engage right now, starring at 🔥

Last year, I powered up 2634 HIVE to Engagement League participants. With the kind sponsors of various numbers (@tarazkp with 260 HP alone for number 10), the prizes were likely knocking on for 3000 HIVE - over 4000 USD at current prices.

Not bad at all I think!

A year or so ago I was told the EL wouldn't scale, and it should be the various interfaces/apps to collect and present data such as engagement. I would agree with the first point if we had 100,000+ accounts commentating each day, but we not even close, even in a bull market of sorts.

As far as interfaces/apps presenting the data, I'd like to see that. Although, what about checks on automated commentary gaming the numbers, prizes, and a 'hub' for folks to drop in and say hello.

I do think there is still room for the EL, but if enough people tell me otherwise then I'll take note. Until then, into year 5 we go!

So the table below has the data from the 2021, everyone who ever has asked to be added to the EL participants list has been included (even those who asked to be removed from the weekly table - Galen (4th), Denise (3rd), to name two 🙂 )

I've removed the vote data for space reasons, and votes being only a minor engagement metric with regards to total score.

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Number of Comments outside of own posts (CO)
  • Unique Author posts (UA)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (CR)
  • Comments - length in characters (CL)
  • SCORE - secret formula to try to assess/order engagement

Top 20




If you made it to the list, well done, and thank you!

And it looks like 2022 has started brightly for engagement on Hive:

DateUnique commentator count

So what about the author, why isn't he on the list? Umm yeah, apologies for not being as active in the commentary as I once was.

If I totaled the scores of abh12345 and alts, I would sneak into the list at number 72 - not terrible, but not as engaging as previous years.

I'm still here though! It's just that Hive has changed for me in the past year or so. Games (mainly SL and RisingStar) have become more time consuming (those renting SL cards will understand!), and there are now other opportunities to earn tokens.

The other reason, which has come more to the fore since I moved to Mallorca and became fully remote - I like being outside more! And as the day job roots me to this chair for 8 hours, I feel the need to move and rest my eyes. Of course, many others have office/screen jobs, so this doesn't just apply to me.

The other, slightly more 'worrying' to admit, is that my account has (for me, I'm not aiming to be a Hive don or a top 20 earner) reached a level I am happy with. This could all change in a moment, and I could be back in the trenches looking for extra eyes to visit my content. For now though, I hope there are plenty of others in 'build mode', and I can continue as I am.

Thanks as always for supporting the EL, and for providing feedback and engagement to Hive's content.

Happy New Year!



You bring something so fun to Hive... And maybe in the future - it won't scale...but for now? It's a blast and everyone here loves it.

I love seeing how I ranked that week and then looking back to see why I did! What pushed me that week, what overwhelmed me that week..

What other ways can we measure our progress on Hive really? I payout doesn't necessarily show how well you're doing. A whale can come by and vote and that's that! Hehehe. But does that show how connected you are?

Comments! That's what shows the connection to me.

And what you do shows how much I'm taking the time to connect with others. And that's so important.

And then there are prizes too hahahahaha not only that...your post becomes a place where we can meet other genuine engagers!

So what you do is absolutely invaluable. And we so appreciate!! So as long as you're enjoying... We are too! Hehehe

Thanks for every week!

Thank you very much for the lovely comment, this certainly encourages me to continue with the EL!

I'm glad!!!! we would certainly miss it if it was gone hehehehe 🤗

I need to be better with my engagement on others posts. Finding a balance between normal work which sucks the life outta me, family, and everything here, can be challenging. But I’m trying.

Happy new year brother.

You got your own business and a family to keep happy, that has to take priority even if it is a life-sucker at times (business not fam!).

Happy New Year dude, I hope for retail outlets things improve a lot.

Yeah I feel like I want to give more time to all of what this corner of our world offers, but it’s hard to carve enough time out for everything. It is what it is.

Thx man. We’ve luckily had a great 2021 but I think this year is going to slow down a bit for a handful of reasons. Fingers crossed it’s decent. 🤞

Perfectly valid and indeed splendid reasons at the bottom there. I have to admit. My target a long time ago was to break 50K and since then I haven't felt the same oomf to build higher. But I am still about, just not as much so I get you.

I am glad I made the yearly list. Would have been pants to miss that list!

Cheers Boomery!

I think there's a point where the amount of comments coming in on your post take up the majority of your allocated time available, and without getting square eyes, there's just not the time to delve too deep into what others are doing.

Hopefully newbies and those keen to build are constantly picking up the slack!

I think (hope) they are! It is tough with the home working as well. When Iworked in the office I could skive like fuck all day long. Literally, some days I would go home square eyed from Hiving. Then the working from home started and its constant grief all day long. Most days I have 10-15 meetings!

Damn meetings, they are a curse. Tomorrow is 'no meetings Friday', I'm booked for the whole afternoon. 😣

Grrr, gits. We have a mo meetings Friday avo. It mostly works but makes it more annoying when someone does pop in an 'emergency' one

Yep, this one is an 'emergency'. Bullcockery I say!

Congratulations! Woo-hoo!

I'm a damn hero, I tell ya!!


Are you number one? I bet you are right up there!

Haha! No! I am usually sitting out supporting, but, I went in for a month twice. Just to make sure I could still do it!

You are a dang hero, I tell you!

I am only number 3.

Only... Only! You are a legend! It takes commitment to get to there!

I was standing on Galen's shoulders.

Thats some Titan(ic) work! No wonder you got so high!

Should I call him King Cronus ? :)

Oh wow, I wouldn't have thought I would be on the list but I'm even in the top 20 😁
Congratulations everyone 👍

Thanks @johannpiber !!! Woo hoo! We made it!

You're even Number 3, Denise, big congratulations 👏🎉

Thank you! I don't know how that happened. I sit out most of the year! Thank you so much!!!!!! I guess he used the time that you are in the league. That makes sense.

Yep, makes sense - wishing you a wonderful weekend, Denise 🤗

Life does pull one in many different directions, living one and cannot always be here but try our best to keep up with the rest, harmony among the ranks on Hive in supporting each other always.

Last couple of years have been uprooting for many, some not finding firm footing dealing with unexpected surprises, stay safe and enjoy whatever you decide to Asher.


Last year, I powered up 2634 HIVE to Engagement League participants. With the kind sponsors of various numbers (@tarazkp with 260 HP alone for number 10), the prizes were likely knocking on for 3000 HIVE - over 4000 USD at current prices.

That is approximately $1000 USD more than my annual/yearly pension-like income for my multiple disabilities, which is approximately $3000 USD per year (approximately $250 USD per year).

I do think there is still room for the EL

We probably all agree on this. Thank you for what you do, including the power ups. By the way, nice to be in the top 20 of 2021 in the engagement league. Being the 19th is probably not so bad.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Thanks so much for this and also for that list you sent me via @traciyork!

Woo-hoo! Who thought I would make it? Not me. Obviously, you are only counting when I was in the EL. Thank you for doing this, it makes me happy to know that I made the list.

I will definitely be coming back in a bit, just to make sure I can still keep up. It has been a good year for me, although getting out there is a challenge between work, family, extended family, travel (Yes! But, not enough), and renovating another house. So good I don't need sleep!

Thanks for everything Asher! @abh12345 You are the best!

It sounds like you have many responsibilities to manage, Hive can drop down the priority list at times.

Thank you too, for sponsoring and championing the EL!

Oh you know we all like to give it a moan now and then. When it needs to it drops but who can resist but come back.

I do not really understand when people say your Engagement League can not scale. There are more and more people joining even if they do not make the top 100 list. How many people are on the list now?

Jan 3, 2021 322 accounts earned a score this week
Jan 3, 2022 456 accounts earned a score this week

True not a big number increase, but more and more people looking for information in an easy to use form on how they are doing. How much longer would it take to process a list of 2000 accounts? That increase above is what about 30% growth in the user of EL? That's actually not bad.

I say keep doing it till the number of users are such that it takes to much time to process and build the table.

Yes, that's the point. I only list the top 100 and so if there were 20,000 names on my list, it would take a while to run the script but i'd still only be displaying the top engagers.

We had just over 900 list members active last year, from just over 1400.

I say keep doing it till the number of users are such that it takes to much time to process and build the table.

Will do, Happy New Year :)

That's not a bad set of numbers 900 out of 1400 still active. I wonder if the numbers percent wise will change much at the end of 2022.

Nice one on the yearly round up! I'll take top 100 seeing as I was away for a few months! Not sure if that's a good thing or not lol 😁

Happy new year to you 🎉

I was checking where you were the other day actually!

Welcome back to it, happy new year 😄

Like you, offline life took precedence and finding enjoyment being outside!

Thank you! Let's see how 2022 goes 😁

Slighly rocky start but I'm not sure the party is over just yet 🤞

I've always liked what you're doing here. Not sure why I never joined. Maybe because I talk too much and don't want to be reminded with prizes. I too like to get away though. Far, far away. -50 today though so, outside isn't much fun.

Thank you. Never too late, and I can skip you on the prizes (i give out) if you wish.

I like the returns, bringing new enthusiasm to the same party 😁

-50, that is not good for life as we know it!

Dude I'm weird though. If I join that thing, then I'll feel like I have to comment. Not 'forced' but... hmmm. Pressured isn't even the right word. But it's something like that. An obligation, like a job. Alarm clocks suck. I just like going with the flow, not thinking about anything other than what I'm doing. I'm weird when it comes to this stuff.

And yeah, not kidding. -50 C

Pro Tip:

Never piss outside when it's -50.

Wow this actually is how I feel a lot about a lot of these things. I have quite a bit of topics in the backburner I have yet to post as well because for me posting is also somewhat of a feeling of needing to increase a massive amount on reading/commenting in order to make sure the people that drop by my post are responded to.

Hahaha man because you singled out piss outside when it's -50 it does bring me such an odd sense of curiosity X_X

I'm happy others have fun with it. Truly am. I enjoy talking here so I just do it. People are fun.

And yeah, about that. I'd rather not talk about it...

That's good to hear have a happy new years.

Lol fair enough

I won't tire of saying it, you really do a fabulous job. Thank you very much for your dedication and commitment to Hive and its people. Happy as always to be among the greats of engagement. May the new year bring you the best things and may we all continue to work together in the enhancement of this beautiful home. A big hug and happy with my place in this top100, which motivates me to keep working and growing.🤗✨😘🥰❤️


Thank you Mary, really nice of you to say so :)

I wish you a wonderful 2022!

Understandably my hive engagement for 2021 dipped a whole lot when compared to 2020 but, i've actually managed to free myself of so many commitments, but im still satisfied with being in the top 30 its a feat i'll call laudable

laudable indeed, same goes for anyone on the list - much more active in the commentary than the average.

A year or so ago I was told the EL wouldn't scale

I actually remember this event and the individual who made the comment. Funny, we are both here, while she is long gone :)

Shows who is committed and who is not.

Indeed, well remembered :)

I'm glad I just continued on regardless, it's worked out rather well in the end.

I'm happy enough to be in the top 25. Engaging can be lucrative and I keep telling people to do it if they want to build a following.

I hope life is treating you well out there. 2022 could be great for Hive if we keep pushing.


A very solid placing :)

Engaging can be lucrative and I keep telling people to do it if they want to build a following.

Glad to hear you are pushing this one, it does remain key for new joiners and those looking to attract people to their content.

Doing pretty good thanks now the Covid has gone, it's lovely and sunny too :)

Happy New Year, !PIZZA !

I can't believe I'm in the top 100 despite being a late starter this year 🙌

As for your engagement, I would like to see you around more! Is there any way to balance it so you can have fun outdoors and still post?

I hope the EL lives forever ❤️

You have done really well, thank you for the kind words of support :)

Is there any way to balance it so you can have fun outdoors and still post?

I hope so!

Thanks 🙌 I really should be trying for one of those top spots one day 😂

Last year, I powered up 2634 HIVE to Engagement League participants.

Thank you for all power ups to people here around and for this league @abh12345.
I am pretty ok with my regular achievement through the year 2021, being at 22. place is not bad :)

Wow what a great job keep it up

Thank you :)

so, I ended with #28 on the final list -- intresting, and maybe of no use at all, but definitely fun to know! and ofc, engagement. tnks for getting together all the numbers, Archer.

!PIZZA, and best wishes for the Year of 2022! Hope it will bring us mush more positive then disenchantments. 2021 have passed quite well, especially for the Hive, isnt it? 🤸

Of little use, but worth a quick 'oh, right' :)

Thank you, Happy New Year!

Can't believe I made the list, I joined pretty late in the year, I think around December or so but this initiative has been a motivation for me truly.

Yes I thought you were a newer member - a sterling effort!

Thank you.

Oh wow! I'm in the 55th position! 😆 I hope to do better this year.
Thank you @abh12345 for compilation of the stats and prizes. You are doing amazingly! Wish you an amazing 2022!

I can only hope to top these charts right now. But we all have to begin somewhere, so i march on :)

Time outside is a great reason not to be inside on a computer ... do what brings you joy, and thank you for your hard work!

A solid plan, thank you!

Snuck into the T20! :D

I enjoy the EL posts and the conversations on it - it is always (nearly) positive and people have a good time :)

Nearly :)

With all that's been going on, T20 is a fine effort.

I was wondering why I wasn't there either - I could blame it on the alts, but I think more than likely I've spent more time dicking around on Discord this year and after that I'm in no fit state to comment on anything!


I forgot to mention Discord and the fun times, just around the corner.

You know what why not I'd love to join in on year 5 of engagement league if it is possible. Since that happens to be Gary Vee's favorite number. Plus I'm already doing most of this on a regular basis anyways so why not have some stats to look back at. Hopefully it doesn't consume me too much hahah as I know how my personality gets when it comes to these type of things.

Ah sorry, I missed you off this weeks list - added for next time.

Don't stress about appearing in the top 100 or not, some weeks are more active than others. Welcome!

Thanks for having this list. Hope I will be able to make it to the next one end of this year.
Those games really are time consuming - and I completely feel you. Not always possible to be very active.
It is also great to rest after reaching some goals. You could always aim for more and never be satisfied. Really like your approach. I am still on the beginning of my journey, so I need to work a little harder than most of you to catch up.
Mallorca sounds pretty nice!

Wish you a wonderful 2022!


Thanks Andy!

Yes it's a lovely Island, and I still have much to explore. Hopefully I can keep going on Hive and explore too.

Happy New Year!

Thanks Asher, for me it's about connecting not reward, although always good to know if one is doing sufficient.

Hope you have recovered and starting to find your feet in your new home and town.



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Thank you for see you all the time online and work hard!

I wish you a good time!


Thanks for everything, @abh12345!

Please include my accounts mba2020 and chris.topher thank you so very much, congrats to the top engages :-D

Great see the yearly numbers thanks for putting this together I was surprised where I was in the list at first but then remembered I all but took a total break from hive fir the first 3 or 4 months if the year due to my wife’s time in hospital and then recovery

Hey. I knew you'd taken a break but wasn't sure as to the reason. I hope your wife has recovered and 2022 is a calmer one for both :)

Yes she needed me full time to help for a few months but she is doing a lot better
I am confident 2022 will be a better year for us

Thanks 🙏