Ask and it is given - the leading expert in electroculture has reached out to me 🌱

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For a total of 104 delightful minutes I spoke this morning to Yannick Van Doorne, the leading expert in electroculture. I wrote him an email a few days ago to express my gratitude for the work he is doing in this field and left him a link to my blog here on hive. Less than a day later he wrote back, having read all of my articles. He was impressed by the way I conduct myself as a researcher/writer and as a filmmaker and mentioned how he was looking for someone in France to make films for him. Funny how these things just kinda flow together right? It is no coincidence that I happen to be a time-lapse specialist, which does in my opinion lend itself perfectly to capturing the effects of electroculture on plants.

In truth I considered myself retired since making this corporate time-lapse three years ago, but for the chance to be a part of the electroculture movement alongside this man who has evidently been chosen by the Universe to deliver this message at this time, I am more than ready to dust off the cameras again.

He was particularly interested in my next project to set up a waterproof Gopro camera which will sit in my garden for three months capturing a time-lapse of plants growing with electroculture techniques alongside a control group. This will be a unique project because I intend to power the camera with free energy, provided by an earth battery. I have already produced the exact voltage and amperage required to get this job done, from an earth battery on my kitchen table.


Gopro cameras require a charge of 5v and 1a (source)

My voltage as you can see was 5.2 while the amperage reading from this setup was 0.8a which I believe will still be enough to keep the camera charged indefinitely. And again, doesn't it feel like more than just coincidence that the power output I produced from the above set-up was randomly the perfect output for a Gopro camera? I would say very little happens by chance in this world. We create all of it.

Please understand nothing has been confirmed between Yannick and myself. I am just excited to share this news with you that the two of us are now acquainted and he is as I suspected a great man, so I will be helping him as best I can with my skills as a filmmaker next year and hopefully beyond.

Our conversation covered so many interesting points I had to sit for 30mins when we were done to note down all the things we talked about. Kicking myself for not recording the conversation it was such a good one! As our first, I did not expect it to be quite so in depth, but it would appear we see eye to eye on the basics already.

And so, a new chapter has begun in my life and I am super grateful not only to @woelfchen for alerting me to the subject of electroculture less than a month ago but also to you the people of hive who support what I do with your votes and your lovely messages, encouraging me always to press on with Love & Light in my heart.

Thank you everyone 🌱

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This is awesome. coincidence is a debunked myth. everything ties together, everything is connected.
love the GoPro project. still catching up on your posts I missed.

Hey there!

Yes, this was such a lovely flow of events it all felt so powerful in the moment.

Let's see where it takes me. Hopefully to a much stronger form of earth battery! Am not attached to any particular outcome. Just enjoying the ride ;)

Moments ago I finished watching that video you kindly linked me to on Rumble & YouTube and while it was a bit slow for my taste it was indeed packed with great info! Most of it I was aware of already but there were some extra nuggets in there. The Callahan article on the Irish Round Towers he refers to a lot I came across when I was doing my first article on electroculture. It is a fantastic read and largely what motivated me to fork out the money for a miniature round tower. Your film motivated me to take a closer look at the 'church' outside my window, built in 1776 (exactly 200 years older than me!) and I noticed how some of the windows have been bricked up to very specific levels, as described by Callahan.


Perhaps this is the tuning? Needless to say it faces magnetic north exactly and likely utilises materials of opposing magnetic forces in its construction. Likely too there is running water under it, which amplifies the energies. I am big into the idea that while these were places of healing I think they were predominantly for producing electricity. The bigger the number of houses being powered the larger the power station required. From little churches like ours (for a village of 300) to Cathedrals for cities.

Another friend sent me this video a few weeks ago which has a great chapter on lay/grid lines, well worth checking out. 1h 1min into the lecture.

He shows their negative effects in his lecture and I am more conscious than ever now of the importance of dowsing in order to establish where they are on our land. Do you have any thoughts or guidance for me on this one? Would love to try it out.

I am watching the video you shared and it reminded me of a question that came to my mind when I read your post about your recent wooden pyramid. does the sole shape of a pyramid enough to have an effect even though the material is not a top conductor ?
would this pyramid´s effect be enhanced if you ran copper over its wooden components ?
or, wouldn´t a same size pyramid have a much bigger effect ?
I hope you understand what I mean. cheers.

Based on your first response it doesn't seem like you need to watch that video I linked! What interested me most there was the connection with cancer and the diagram of the lines intersecting a person's bed. My partner's mother developed her cancer since living in her house and am keen to check if she isn't living on a ley line.

The diagram also suggests that lightening strikes are attracted to crossing points, which is very interesting for someone who plans to 'catch' lightening in the future. Also the deformed looking tree which was sitting on the cross section of many lines. I've seen trees like this around here but had no idea why until now. Sounds like you are well ahead of me on this one. He mentions ants too and how they tend to gravitate towards the lines. Geobiology hey. No big surprise my automatic spell checker tells me this word doesn't even exist! Will look it up.

I can see all kinds of complicated home made gadgets for dowsing online which are basically attempts at creating a friction free movement, but I can also see people using tissue wrapped around the handles to create that ease of movement. What is your system with the handles? Perhaps you just grip them lightly in your hands? Very excited to give this a try!

For the wooden pyramid (which I applied my second coat of varnish to yesterday!) I believe you are exactly right and funnily enough it was my intention to run copper wire around the frame. The companies who are now making a ton of money selling healing home/pyramids to the public have evidently done a fair bit of research on this and you can be sure they don't use wood!

It was Les Brown and his book which motivated my wooden dreams. I think he enjoyed the idea of keeping it simple for everyone and clearly he was getting measurable results from the wood, but don't forget he recommends burying a load of metal under the pyramid prior to construction, which no doubt enhances the effect.

I buried this lot a few weeks ago!


On top of this I will put a raised bed and the wooden pyramid (with copper wire additions).

Though yes, I think you are right and ultimately it makes sense that we aspire to metal frames. The majority of the meditating pyramids I can see online (big enough to sit in) are made from copper and one can only assume this is because people get better results from the copper. Wooden ones would be much cheaper of course but they are not popular. Which speaks volumes. Still, I am enjoying where I am at. If crypto goes up a bit more I will buy the copper junctions and relevant pipes in order that I can make one exactly the same size as the wooden one and run comparative tests...

Before I sign out I just want to express my gratitude for your sudden presence in my life. Much like it was with Yannick it doesn't feel like coincidence that we are chatting now. Let me know if you want a tailor made banner for your page. It would be my pleasure to do this for you. All you have to do is provide the key words to your vision and I type them in...

The handles, yes. that is important. you will laugh. I used two empty basic BIC pen shells (took out the rear cover, pulled out the ink and voila!) just improvised in a minute and it worked perfectly with my 3mm. copper wire.

I feel the same gratefulness for this new connection with you and we seem very similar in many aspects. I suppose this automatically happens to one when he just does what comes from within, disregarding what one is "supposed" to do in a certain age etc... never stop being a kid.

I´d love a banner, sure. I´ll think of the key words. thanks.

Love your idea for the handles! This is great. And very achievable for me ;)

Do you think it will work using 1.5mm copper or should I buy the 3mm?

never stop being a kid

You know it!

By the way, I checked out your website and was surprised to see so much focus on the Camino. It just so happens that this path was the path which led me away from my old life into the new one.

Am curious to know, what is your connection with the Camino?

For your banner I have produced a few images based on your words and felt like this was the best of them, though the man looks rather older than yourself!


Can you tell me please if you have a favourite artist or perhaps a style you think might work with this. Am currently using the style of Harry Clarke.

the 1.5mm might result a bit sloppy, but it should work the same.
I should register a patent on the BIC handles ; )
was always curious about the Camino. it seemed too crowded for me to actually do and this is when a friend in Basque country recommended me to do the GR11, the Pyrenees trail.
I have only been in Santiago de Compostela once, and cheated my way flying in from Mallorca..
I adore hiking and feel a strong bond to this old tradition and the beauty of the cultures, the people, the villages along the way.
I was amazed your daughter had her birthday. is it today or yesterday..?
today is my son´s. he just turned 8.

as for the old man above. I love him. I does look older then me, yes. but he seems to represent the wisdom I have inside. I´ll try it. thanks !!

how about this ? this is my current banner text: Old soul Starseed spreading abundance since 1971

amazing. your church photo. hiding in plain sight ! once you see something you can never un-see it.
sounds like your hipotesis is spot on. the materials, orientation etc.

thank you for the video, will check it out.

as for the ley lines. a very important thing to understand is that they are a two edge thing. their energy could be very beneficial but also very damaging.
for example, it seems bees totally enjoy having their hive sit on crossings of lay lines.
on the other hand for some trees it is very overwhelming. they grow all deformed as if trying to steer away from the energy. some trees though, seem to be perfectly fine with it.
I went very deep on this and its effects on bees, trees and humans. a word of warning, it is a deep hole ; )
there is a little known science called Geobiology (if your Spanish is good enough, look up Juan Segura on this

this energy is called Telluric energy and it is a very wide field to explore.
as for the dowsing rods, they are very straight forward and easy to make. I made them out of a 3mm. copper wire (specs are all over the internet). and my son, being about 5 or 6 used them with the same ease as me (probably more).
enjoy the ride !

Congrats! Your work is progressing in an amazing way! The Divine seems to be guiding you!!

Best .

It all seems connected to the 7 day fast I did one month ago. Half way through something just clicked. I suddenly wrote that piano piece for my mother, built the earth battery on my table, discovered electroculture and the rest has flowed so easily from there. I recommend fasting for everyone!

My voltage as you can see was 5.2 while the amperage reading from this setup was 0.8a which I believe will still be enough to keep the camera charged indefinitely.

Then probably it is possible to do the same with smartphones, portable radios and with other things. There are many QRP (low power) radioamateur transceivers. For example Yaesu FT-817ND. It would be amazing to operate these portable transceivers without having to take a look at the battery charging level. It would work literally all day.

It would be very good to see more experiments from you.

Reading into it I see this output is pretty standard for all USB powered devices, so yes, theoretically I can charge any USB powered device in this way. And to think I've been telling people to invest in solar all these years!

I only have one power cable for this particular waterproof Gopro camera so have ordered a second one with the intention to open it up and see what's in there. Hopefully it will be evident which two cables relate to the positive & negative power inputs...

There are many QRP (low power) radioamateur transceivers

So weird that you should mention this because it came up in my conversation with Yannick yesterday. We were talking about the importance of networks and also independent communication systems (because traditional modes of communication will not be available to 'people like us' in the future). Hadn't heard of QRP low power transceivers till now! They look amazing. So small!

Super excited to wire up my earth battery with metal solder this time and get it up and running in the garden. You can be sure I will post results here once I have some. Not enough hours in the day at the moment!

How so VERY cool! One just never knows what’s around the corner...

You know it ;)

Though I suppose when one expects something excellent around every corner, more times than most, something excellent is waiting for us there...

Thanks for all your support on this great journey!

Very very cool!

Thanks for your support!

I pulled out all my old equipment yesterday and it felt gooooood :)

Very cool... nice way to end the year! :)
Looking forward to when it all comes together...

Feel like it is already coming together ;)

Stay tuned...

That is super exciting as a prospect, I really hope that you guys do it. I don't know much about electroculture, but fascinated to learn.

If you grow food I strongly recommend reading my three recent posts on electroculture techniques. It isn't too complicated or expensive to get started with the basics. Yet it has the potential to triple the size of our food. Amongst other things. So certainly worth checking out!

Your blog is one of the most intriguing on Hive. I look forward to following this new chapter in your life and hope it might also unearth some of the secrets of how older buildings may have used this technology. (If they did).

Your blog is one of the most intriguing on Hive.

Thanks for saying so. After spending way too long this year focused on trading bitcoin I have re-focused somewhat in recent months and certainly things seem to be flowing better as a consequence. Am still trading bitcoin in the background, but I won't give it more than 30mins a day now.

how older buildings may have used this technology

Now that is an interesting one isn't it. There are some amazing people online looking into this. An Australian researcher who goes by the name of Autodidactic on YouTube jumps to mind straight away. I would say it depends on the age of the building but there is no doubt in my mind, all buildings over a certain age would have initially been built with the ability to produce free energy. Buildings like Cathedrals are so obviously capable of producing an output, likely enough to power most of the city around it. Reminds me of another YouTube user who looked into this, making a comparison between what can be found inside a power station and what can be found inside a Cathedral. Let me see if I can find her for you...

Thanks for the link Sam, it is a fascinating subject. It reminds me of the infamous Aaron Dover videos before they mysteriously disappeared.

Oh wow Sam, this is pretty feckin awesome. You are on the right path for sure and lucky us getting to witness your experiements along the way. I can't wait to hear what happens next. Keeping being your wonderul self xxxxx

It is pretty awesome isn't it :)

Feeling blessed. If only I could magic up more hours in the day!

And it is so weird that all of this is the answer to a question I have been asking myself for over 10 years. How to power my time-lapse cameras for long periods of time in remote locations. Looking forward to showing how it can be done! xxx

Looking forward :)

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I believe I already have measurable results. The sick looking baby coriander plant I placed a snail shell at the base of (featured in a previous post), now isn't looking so sick! Though I know the evidence required to get most people on board with this will need to be much more definitive. It's coming...

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