Short Job Interview Tips - Contributed by @Sammiegold

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It is most certain that any job seeker will face the hurdle of an INTERVIEW before being employed.

Go to straight to the point, an Interview is a process whereby the prospective employer or its representatives screen the potential staff to know if the person is fit for the job or position.

The inability to pass a job interview has been a major reason why many cannot secure a job.

The following are tips you need to know to pass an interview:

  • Make research about the company, what kind of business they operate and what the position you are been interviewed for entails.

  • Get all your credentials ready, make your clothes neat and combine colours properly.

  • Build your confidence by doing a mirror face or mock interview, this would help you get over fear of facing the interviewers.

  • Get to the venue at least an hour ahead of time, so that can relax and also get some informations.

  • When you get to the venue, wear a smiling face and make sure you smell good.

  • Never answer a question with no idea.

  • know your strength and compare it with the company's vision that's the selling point.

  • If you have experience, never speak ill of your place of work.

  • Be optimistic.

Interview is all about telling the company and proving it with boldness the value you can add to the company.

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