Acapulco Earthship

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cosmo forest.jpg

Cosmo in da forest

This video is taken out of a Jeff Berwick video, you know those long ones where he goes on walks with his dog Lucy and talks about stuff.
It´s actually quite a good idea to do videos while walking the dog, if you are pressed for time, but I have plenty of time, so when I walk the dog, I walk the dog. We walk through beautiful forest, which has been left to itself to the Baltic Sea, sandy beaches and rocky shore, we got it all. I breathe consciously, balance over fallen trees, throw sticks and balls, this is my therapy in these crazy times, the forest, the sea and playing with a dog, who doesn´t give a damn about Corona.

Now I don´t really know what to make of Jeff Berwick, I have read conflicting stuff about him, but one of the signs of being a thinking adult is being able to separate the message from the messenger.

Good night and good luck!


Cool, another Earthship build to check out. And Acapulco isn't even that far away.