Evening walk

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A light evening walk was pleasant, I found a big forest deer that ate peacefully by the side of the road where I walk. It didn't see me coming so I was able to sneak up close and take a few good pictures with my little camera. But you can see in the last picture when I took the pictures it was smell me but it couldn't see me, the wind was behind me so it was get my smell fast, after 10 pictures it disappeared immediately.

I use here my small Sony NEX-5T
And small Sony lens 55-210 mm







Oh, really it gives a flavour of wild photographer, deer is always very careful about noise and smell.

Thanx 😅👌 and very true what you say 👌

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Good capturing

Thank you!!

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Thank you!!

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Thank you!!

You can see in the last photo it spotted you. Nice capture!

YEs ... it did it, but it was just smell , but did not see, I was behind the Bush :)

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How beautiful are pictures of animals when they are not paying attention

YEs ... I hope I get soon more this luck to get so close :)

The best way to shoot deers. Great job! ❤️