Not sweeping Dust yet - Enjoy the free votes

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Hello all,

I wanted to write a quick note in case you are wondering about Dustsweeper. Dusty is not yet operational on HIVE and it will probably take a bit longer than I initially expected. I had plans to combine services from both blockchains, allowing transfers from both chains count towards an overall account balance which could be used for both chains. But I'm not sure that's the best way to proceed and I need some more time to consider the different options.

So please forgive me for the delay and I promise to have Dusty sweeping dust here on Hive not before long.


To avoid wasting VP, I have setup @dustsweeper to give out free votes to users with active Dustsweeper accounts.
Enjoy the free votes!


Is it possible to check if my account is still active?

Either login to Discord and check it with the $stats command,
or transfer 0.001 STEEM or SBD to dustsweeper.

Thanks for the free vote.

I think it is best to keep the two platforms separate although you might have the option to transfer funds to people who've chosen to close either their SteemIt or Hive account.

Yes, that's probably what I will end up doing.
Thanks for the feedback!

I was thinking about this problem myself. One shouldn't assume that the SteemIt Account is owned by the same person. might belong to Good Example and might belong to Bad Example. Bad Example might use the similar account names to do bad things to his alter-ego.

Sweet. Good luck with all the work. Appreciate it.

Thanks but I am not very active on steemit.

Looking forward to seeing Dusty continue the work on Hive:)

Me too. 😎

Ah good old dusty, would be cool to have a single balance and make sure both chains work!

I will only be using dusty on hive, but if it can run on both chains go for it mate :D

I was wondering why I was getting an upvote from dusty when the amount was over his/her threshold.

Thanks. Be well.

Just wondering if we have any update. Thanks.

I love this service.

Glad to hear and find out that you're still around. I hope all is well :<)

Big hug,


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