Soon as I have more than I do now. Couple weeks maybe. Don't let me forget.

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I appreciate that.

Do you know, by which mechanism(s) can you can initially generate DTC if you cannot execute any transactions without having any DTC? Kind of doesn't make sense.... I cannot post and thus I cannot generate any. Seems like a bit of a Catch 22 lol

Their post says you have to buy them if you don't get an air drop. They posted a list of who gets what.

U happen to have that list handy?

Not sure why they didn’t automatically airdrop every1 who has been diligently posting on dtube ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You get airdropped a total of 5000 some... go check your notifications on DTube

AHHH, There it is! Thanks so much! Got an airdrop after all.. That's what I thought would make the most sense. Appreciate it.

Took me a minute to figure it out... good look on the DTC brother man...

Weird, the list say I should be getting 5400. but I only got like

Slide me some... They're breaking them up over time... I have 1.25 still have to wait to post

I'll check the list for you

But I will get you 1 as soon as I have more than what I have. I just got 1.25 yesterday and can't post on Avalon blockchain for almost 48 hours past that point. So like sometime tomorrow.