Learning more about torsos...

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Today was a tricky one. Every day of the week I practice a 30 minute session, with an additional hour with the Spanish blender community. I've been using the grease pencil more often, which I like because of the lighting modifiers.

Things I'm trying to keep in mind is.. gesture, general form or complex form, starting to think of colour.

I think I should be careful, I don't really want to learn to render because I use 3D software to render my work - so I should start finishing up and going into animation and more anatomy studies. I enjoyed working torsos and isolating them.

If you look closely, you can see some 3D in the drawing.


Holy smokes, mate! This is some really awesome study work!

Thanks! It has been a lot of fun. I missed a day this week though, hopefully in a break I can do one.

I agree with albus, your doing great and I'm enjoying your gesture and form explorations.

I haven't tried drawing in blender yet, another thing to add to my blender journey.

Thank you very much! Lately I have had a lot of crunch with work, late nights, broken sleep schedules, hours and hours at the computer and not much rest on weekends - so I missed a day of drawing practice. But I'm trying to stick to it.

What kind of Blender work do you do?

I just started using Blender this month and unity 3D in December. At the moment my attempts at using Blender are just related to creating basic 3D assets for import into Unity (for a promo video I volunteered to help make for a non-profit).

But I'm enjoying blender and intend to keep using it to practice my spiritual manifesting.

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