I was at a dog show! 🐶

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Last Sunday mommy, daddy, and my brother Leo took me to a dog show where I was one of the stars. Sadly I didn't get any prizes, but it was still fun to see other doggies. 🐩🐕🐶







It was a bit too cold so we didn't stay very long, and even daddy put his camera away as soon as we were finished in the ring. It would've feen nice if he'd taken photos of the other dogs too. See, there was this pug who was very funny but very loud too. I didn't think he sounded very dog-like. I think he would've made for a nice photo opportunity for daddy.

I am not sure, but I think I might like agility training with Leo a bit more than dog shows.

Woof! That's all for now! 🐾


Hi! Ninnu!

Where are your new photos?!

New posts?!

Ninnu didn't get any prize but still make a lots of fun too with the dog show and met other dogs. We expected some other dogs photos and you mention its also, next time it will be taken others dogs photos too.

If you ask me, you deserved some of the prizes.

Woof! Thank you very much! I think so too! 🐾 The judge must have been having a bad fur day herself.

I do like your pretty bow, those bangs can be a real handful.

You're very photogenic and I have a strong suspicion that you'll be in the number spot on the podium very soon. Each show is a learning experience after all.


Thank you!

Very nice photos! Yup! It does look like a cold day! Ninnu looks so cute and smart! You didn’t show photos of those who got prizes! Perhaps they looked similar to the judges!! LoL

The other brown dog in the fourth photo got disqualified, so it wasn't that bad for me. The black one came first in our class, and won the red ribbon and was deemed a dog of "excellence and certificate quality".

Thank you, wof wof!

Wow, I feel that you deserve some of the prizes too but never mind dear. They'll always be another day OK. Hopefully something good will happen. Lovely pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, wof wof!

You are welcome

Is @toukkamato your other account, @gamer00?
I have not watched it so far, but he posted a video about Ninnu on DTube 18 hours ago:
Cute Ninnu eats yoghurt.
And also a photo post 7 months ago:
Ninnu istuu söpösti.


Not exactly my account, that one. That's my younger son Miro, aged 11. He isn't very good in English, so I did help him a bit with the translation. My both boys are on Hive. My elder son Leo uses the account @daabi2006. Leo was also with me in Bangkok attending the Steemfest of 2019.

Ninnu is being very cute in that video, I bet you would like it.

So basically the whole family is on the Hive blockchain, and you all help each other? That is something really good and interesting to know.

I introduced the Steem blockchain to my brother a few years ago. He also do not know much English. I tried to help him on the platform, but he very quickly left it, along with his friend. Both of them (and many other people) left, because almost no one cared about their posts. I also considered leaving many times, I even left the platform multiple times, but I returned to it over time. They did not.

The SteemFest part is also an interesting part. I remember that the tickets were very expensive. Even the "cheapest" was more than my monthly income.

I watched that video about Ninnu. He is indeed cute. I did not even know that dogs can eat yoghurt.

Yes, I think it is very important to try to help friends and relatives succeed if they come to the same platform. I know it is not easy. Some of my friends have tried Hive and left too. Although I do have a feeling some of them might come back eventually.

I've had many breaks from Hive too, but I've always come back. It's actually a good feeling, to know that everything will still be here when I do.

I agree, the steemfest could be a little bit expensive, especially for those who were late to reserve their tickets. I was one of the lucky ones I guess.

I wish we might soon make enough on Hive, and the pandemic resides that we can have a new gathering somewhere. The next one will still be in virtual reality. The tickets are free though.

I did not even know that dogs can eat yoghurt.

Yep, dogs love yoghurt, and it's better for them than plain milk. Dogs, like cats can be lactose intolerant and fermented products usually don't have that.

better luck at the next show

Thank you! Wof!

The first time i visited a dog show , it was an interesting experience...dogs are so adorable...@ninnu