Just trying out an oil brush pack

in #digital6 months ago


Digital painting done in Procreate

I've been constantly looking for Procreate brushes as I am not that satisfied with brush packs that I have. Procreate brushes (those that came along with the app) looks quite generic to me now and although they are great, I just recognize them instantly when someone else uses it in their digital art. I don't like it when brushes become recognizable. :P

Then I came across this Procreate oil brushes by Artwork by Gabrielle and I liked the sample drawings using it. There's also Procreate Texture brushes but I mostly used the oil ones for this painting study. I paid $10 for each of them although it says on the site you can pay minimum of $9 and $8 respectively.

For this study, I chose to paint my dog Ethan, a naughty golden retriever. :D

I liked the expression on his face and it's like he knew I was taking pictures of him so he was smiling lol.

I used the oil paint brushes and it was fun experimenting with it.


Here is a timelapse video of the study:

I used the oil paint brush set and I mostly used the filbert. That's how it is mostly, you explore and have a lot of choices but only use 1 brush LOL. :P


Wowww it looks so cute 😍😍😍

He is, haha, thank you!

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Beautiful man. Looks dam real.

This looks really great. I wonder how long it took you to make it? You seem to be quite successful in digital drawing :P

Took like maybe an hour to do it in total. Haha yeah when you know how to paint traditionally it will be easy to paint digitally :D just learn the tool and you’re good to go :D

Now this is crazy good 😍

Beautiful… I did a similar one of Lola.

The attention to detail is beautiful to me. Nice job

Beautiful dog art -- fascinating how you start with broader strokes and simple shapes before layering it over and over gain with narrower and increasingly complex shapes. Technology is becoming more and more incredible, drawing on computer tablets is super cool and the new AI art that's been coming is both spooky but intricate.

True, this technique is so much easier to do in digital than in traditional. AI can be a great tool for art as well, I have yet to explore it :D