Well sometimes downvotes can be psychologically draining lol 🤣 but why not, let's try it out

That's the spirit! How about I'll just upvote your comment $1, you reply thanking me, and I'll downvote that? After that you can act like I physically injured you. Do you think that would be dramatic enough?

Lol that would definitely be dramatic. One minute I'm super excited I got 1$ plus vote, the other minute I'm punching myself for getting a downvote. 🤣

Thank you

How did that feel? Please be honest for science.

It didn't feel good, despite the fact that I already got your upvote to cover for the downvote, it still felt depressing. The truth is that it's more than the maths I just did though. Downvotes will always wound no matter if you've been voting the person before. You get?

            ___                  ____                  ___
       ____(   \              .-'    `-.              /   )____
      (____     \_____       /  (O  O)  \       _____/     ____)
     (____            `-----(      )     )-----'            ____)
      (____     _____________\  .____.  /_____________     ____)
        (______/              `-.____.-'              \______)

Here's an ascii hug. Does that feel better?

Lol it does feel better, downvotes are what they are, they're a necessary tools people just read too much meaning into them. I've not gotten one in a long time because I stay true to bringing good content and away from controversy lol. It's been great being practical 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I don't know if it's about getting mad in my case, but most likely I will have lots of questions about what I did wrong because if there is something that made the downvote worth it, then I'm totally fine with it as long as I understand the reason and I'm able to fix that in the future and not repeat the mistake again. I want to always level up my skills and learn something new every day but that won't happen if at the end of the day I get no responses to my questions :)

Wow, I think you might be over-analyzing it a bit. Just take the 90 cents and run :-).

Haha. Overthinking is a huge defect of mine! 😃

I wouldn't hate on you. Just popping in to say hi and hope you're well bro. Thanks for all the support for @Sreypov and the @KidSisters as they get their blogging journey started.


I'm good man, just having some shitpost fun. You're welcome and thanks for dropping by!

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I will still be 😡.

Just say no offense and I'll shrug it off. 😂

You're a trooper, no doubt about that.

That's a compliment, right? 😂
Thank you!

I guess being a trooper brings in difficult situations and lots of enemies. The trick is not to be in the wrong side of the battle.

Yes, that is a compliment. It would be less of one if I called you a Super Trooper!

Haha haha! Those who couldn't even aim right. 😂

At times when I get some Downvote, that feeling I have like perhaps I have killed someone and I am about to be arrested so i was given a warning through the Downvote that they are coming for me

That's a harsh way to look at it!

Yeah but you know at times one can feel that way especially when you are still wondering what you did wrong to deserve it

Sounds like me when I curate on tribes.

Another day in the life of @enforcer48. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

I’m just a harmless internet stranger.

Downvoting is just a part of the system. Everyone has the right to downvote. Everyone has the right to be mad.

Would I be mad? More confused to why you downvoted me on one and upvoted the other. Disagreement of reward is a good reason to do that tho. I wouldn't pursue action though.

GASP!!! I'm offended that you downvoted my shitpost!

If we don't start a flag war right now, we aren't doing this properly.

Can't we just discuss hypotheticals here? It doesn't need to lead to global thermonuclear war! Look at you all guns a blazin! Can we at least have an arms race first?


You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

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