dCity Students - Paying Off Debt for New Careers!

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Lets Pay Off Debt and Roll those students into new Careers!

As students get older, they start to change to Students with Debt. As they get debt, they have the oppertunity to pay off the debt and move from a student to a different career. Some are better than others, its a gamble. Right now the cost is only 10 SIM and most of the opportunities are lateral to upgrades with only a few being downgrades IMO. (Workers, Scientists, Homeless)

Like all things dCity - the Info pages have almost everything you need


New Careers and Benefits to your City,

I do love how all but the Workers, Scientists and Homeless continue the tax refund, while some will give additional boosts. I like the Police and Solider the most. I do love decreased crime rate from the Police and who can hate on .1 war shares. Great way to get a little action for the War Tax!


Now not all tax refunds are created equal either. Lets take a look and see who gets a boost in the refund when they get rolled!Eco Activists get doubled to 2 tax refund and a Lawyer gets an amazing 10!!! Clearly we in my mind the Lawyer and Solider are the best two cards to get to increase your daily income!


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Rolling 45 Students with Debt - What have paths have they gone?

I will roll all my students, I love the gamble and the possible huge gains from the top 3 or 4 cards! Here is what I have gotten since the start of rolling students.

Overall I pretty happy with the results. I have only had 11 downgrades, 2 homeless and 6 workers and 3 scientist. While these were massive losses in value and income over the next year, the other 36 cards have done pretty well. 6 Eco activists have doubled the tax return, basically negating the workers. Police has helped to drop my crime rate, and Hard workers are always valuable since they are so hard to get.


For me the real win is the 9 Solider, giving me .9 War Shares. Since a MIC gives 1 share costs almost 20k SIM I think the fact I get a tax refund plus almost a full share will really help me grow.

I think I need to see if I can get a professor and more universities to help my rates increase and get less homeless and workers. While I hope to someday get a lawyer I am sure its like a .1% chance and will be really hard to come by.

What are your plans and how are you doing rolling students? Are you rolling, Selling, or holding?

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@senstless for dCity President!

That would be a poor choice... I am not a leader, more of a chaos agent




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