Solar Drone Job Number 2

in #curie6 months ago

I shared my first drone job a few weeks back and I'm happy to say my client was happy with the final video so he hired me again to film another solar installation, this time I also took a few photos as a little freebie for him. Here are the photos and the video is posted down below. The one thing that made this job a bit more challenging was that it was near an airport so I had to request permission to fly which I received.

This is why it's so important to not only know the rules of flying a drone but to have the proper training and licensing.




Also here are a few BTS photos of my flying the drone on location





Here's the final video I made.


Just ran across this, nice shots. I'll bet the vest helps keep a lot of the busy-bodies and police calls away. Be sure to come join our new #drone community so we don't miss these in the future!