Earn CureCoin (CURE) While Helping The Fight With Coronavirus COVID-19

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The CureCoin (CURE) crypto project is not new, in fact it has been available for quite some time since 2014, but it never got that much chance to shine like it has the potential at the moment. In the wake of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic currently taking over the world and Folding@Home’s efforts to help, which you can take part in with your computing resources, CureCoin can further provide incentive to switch your mining rigs to folding proteins at Folding@Home instead of mining crypto. And in a way you would still be “mining crypto” as you will be rewarded with CURE coins, although it might not be that profitable it could still help you in covering electricity costs, should you decide to help scientists working on COVID-19 research.

Curecoin aims to increase the maximum potential of Distributed Computing Networks (DCN) around the world that are searching for important answers to medical, scientific, and mathematical problems by incentivizing the donation of computational resources, such as GPUs and CPUs. Incentivization is done through the creation of a unique blockchain which rewards this research. Since the project’s inception in 2014 the Curecoin DCN team has grown to produce more than half of computational power for the largest research based DCN on earth, Stanford’s Folding at Home project.

We have already covered how you can Help Folding@Home COVID-19 Efforts With Your Crypto Mining Rigs completely free and anonymously. If you need a little bit of extra initiative to convince you to switch your crypto mining rigs to Folding@Home at the moment, then you might also join CureCoin’s FAH Team and start earning CURE coins without having to do nothing more than just register an identity and start using it along with joining a team at Folding@Home.

So head on to download, install and run the Folding@Home client software for your operating system. Then when asked if you want to fold Anonymous or want to set up an identity, you need to choose the second and enter your username and password that you can create here. Make sure that you enter the CureCoin’s Folding@Home Team number as well in the respective field, the number you have to enter is 224497, make sure it is correct along with your username and password (case sensitive!). This is required so that your FAH points will be credited to the right CureCoin Team’s total and that you would be getting your rewards. Save the settings and start Folding away with your available CPU and/or GPU resources…

There is just one more step needed in order to be able to obtain your CURE coin rewards. You need to register at the Official Curecoin Folding Pool, this is required in order for your protein folding efforts to be counted and rewarded with CureCoins. Make sure that you use the same username for the pool as the name you have selected for your Folding@Home identity, the password of course does not need to be the same. Also make sure that you set a CURE payment address, so that the coins you earn will be sent there and can be spent or traded on an exchange. Currently there are two exchanges with CURE markets – Bittrex and LiveCoin, so there you can buy and sell CURE. Do note that the pool will check your daily Folding@Home points you have generated once every 24 hours and will credit you with the respective CURE coins, it does not happen in real-time.

Another thing you can do to help is to just buy some CURE coins, currently the volume for the last 24 hours is less than $5000 USD (less than a Bitcoin). The price of a single Curecoin is 0.00000485 BTC or around two and a half cents at the moment, not very stimulating for miners that need some extra incentive and doing it for the common good does not help pay the bills. So by purchasing just a few CURE coins can really help in providing more incentive for people, that are not yet ready to donate their computing power, to do so and switch their mining rigs to Folding@Home to help COVID-19 research!

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