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in #curation2 years ago

Ah so you're the one who is running this. Was wondering what was going on with the wallet payment I received recently from reward app!

I will try it out from time to time, think it would be good to use for a new music release or introducing a new service/product to set higher curation rewards but we don't know if we don't try hey.


Experiment away! :D

and yeah @cardboard was going crazy with the testing. ^^

I thought it was you Nicky coz I got something from your post

Ha! Foiled... I think! No, I have no idea how that happened, count yourself lucky 😃

Haha! I thought it was you @nickyhavey, not @cardboard! Testing! Testing!

Lol, definitely not me - kudos to @cardboard! Testing testing 1, 2, 3!