Hive PH Curation Post #403

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In line with the goal of @hiveph to support and empower fellow Filipinos here in Hive, we will continue to curate and promote quality content as we have done before. Thus, we officially present to you our “Curation Post” – a highlight of the contents that stood out amongst the posts in our community.


BC is a new-bee who is on Hive finally!@breadchamp


The nearest beach in my place@jeansapphire

The Viceroy Klayd Arrived on Hive - Introductory Blog@viceroyklayd

Cutting Grasses in our Rice Farm - Draining a Section/Plot on our Rice Field@afterglow

A Letter to People Who Feel They Are Not Interesting@morken


We would like to congratulate everyone who are featured and curated for today’s issue! Job well done and keep on sharing quality content!

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Hive PH Curation Guidelines

  1. Original Content. Give credit where credit is due. Failure to credit rightful owners will be reported as plagiarism.
  2. Should not be considered as spam. Make sure to include engaging and interesting description on your photograph/art/crafts. Otherwise, your post will be considered as spam.


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Thank you so much @hiveph for the support. God bless...

Thank you very much @hiveph

Thank you so much @hiveph for the support.

Thank you so much for your strong support @hiveph , I appreciate it so much!