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The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 58 distinct authors on Fri Apr 23. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

[ESP|ENG] BloggingChallenge III día #5 - Lecciones de vida que he aprendido con los años

Author: @edmanuelwild
Community: GEMS
Created: Fri Apr 23 23:00:57 2021

Rui Fish with Vegetables 🐟🍆

Author: @bdfoods
Category: #food
Created: Fri Apr 23 10:55:09 2021

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge with Fire Spitter.

Author: @ashikstd
Community: Nerday
Created: Fri Apr 23 20:41:15 2021

Double Stuff Oreos

Author: @platinum-blue
Category: #food
Created: Fri Apr 23 13:22:09 2021

[Straw Plays] Rage 2 - Episode 12

Author: @strawhat
Community: Hive Gaming
Created: Fri Apr 23 05:13:00 2021

Spring Garden Flowers

Author: @sulev
Community: Photography Lovers
Created: Fri Apr 23 10:51:00 2021

Don't Panic

Author: @nathanmars
Community: LeoFinance
Created: Fri Apr 23 12:11:00 2021

DIY| Cup to planter conversion/ Conversión de taza a macetero [En-Es]

Author: @emiliocabrera
Community: GEMS
Created: Fri Apr 23 05:31:51 2021

[ESP-ENG] 🚀Cohete Animado Elabora En Cartulina De Colores || Animated Rocket Made On Colored Cardboard🚀

Author: @lorennys
Community: Build-It
Created: Fri Apr 23 18:35:33 2021

My Black And White Photography Challenge Entry #131

Author: @rima11
Category: #bnwphotography
Created: Fri Apr 23 02:38:48 2021

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