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Curator @anggreklestari

Finding A Funko Pop Hard Case
Qwyn's Pre-Birthday Simple DIY Pictorial
The Basilica of Saint Just - or The coolest Fabricobble ever
Snail, Sunrise, Almost Building Fire : Photos of The Day
DIY: Giving my notebook a different touch / Dándole un toque diferente a mi cuaderno de notas
Wednesday Walk: a few streets on Vasilevsky Island
(Eng- Indo) Breakfast Menu of Shrimp and Potato (Menu Sarapan Dari Udang dan Kentang)
October. Walk through the city streets on an autumn day
Accordion Bat - easy DIY how to
Festival || Prompt by @mariannewest | Mooncake Festival
In The Kitchen With Kat

Curator @brumest

DIY Project: Venezuelan Cuatro Number 5. Entry #1
Monomad #79 | Postcards from my deepest sea
Photo book with Valentina | monomad challenge [ENG] [ES]
Sukiyaki Stir Fried Noodle - Thailand Street Food 🇹🇭
Take a break in Bodrum, Turkey's holiday paradise!
Scarlet Witch, QuickPaint
Spasskaya Street in the dark.
NEW BEAT 19 - 10 - 2021🔥[ FREE USE ] Lofi BOOM BAP hip hop 🎶 - THE DARK ROOM 💀 - Type beat - Rap Freestyle - old school Beat - By @lyon-89
11th entry for #monomad challenge - "After you" Live Performance
Another day surrounded with delicious homemade foods and finally eating a bowl full of local cherries!!!
Autumn at the city park 🍁🍂
The Business of Art: October 19th: An Anniversary, of Sorts — a Look Back!
Noodles anyone?
Nectar Queen Alien Hybrid

Curator @crazy-andy

A Witch in the Kitchen: "Peaches in Syrup for my Mother's Birthday" [EN] // Una Bruja en la Cocina: "Duraznos en Almíbar para el Cumpleaños de mi Madre" [ES]
[Blog #76] Gratitude | EcoTrain Question Of The Week!
Painting Exhibition
Question23's Trips - Going at Taquarinhas Beach
Rock & Roll!!!
Have You Been Here @Sachiko's: Little Kyoto in the Philippines
My home town Kamnik - Slovenia
My Friend's Honeymoon Destination - Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir (India)
Swan Lake - Reflection Hunters Contest
Amazing day
Goof Troop: A very entertaining Puzzle and Action title
Must see places in the capital of Romania, Bucharest – Palace of Parliament and the National Museum of the Dimitrie Gusti village.

Curator @equipodelta

El poder del Talento || The Power of Talent - @ediyelly
[Esp-Eng] La historia de la Cerca, El Inicio de mi Amor por Emprender (Primera Parte)
Cáncer de mama, una lucha de toda la familia//Breast cancer, a fight of the whole family
La mariposa| Cuento[ESP-ENG]
Elaboration of racing car, model "Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS", from the year 1930 // Elaboración de Auto de carreras, modelo "Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS", del año 1930
Corona navideña hecha de foami/Christmas wreath made of foami [ESP-ENG]
Inkgris día #19 Calabaza🎃 Samhaim el verdadero Halloween
I already know everything! A story of infidelity[ESP/ENG]
☀️ Elegante Sombrero de Navidad(centro de mesa)☀️☀️ Elegant Christmas Hat(centerpiece)☀️
Never gonna give you up - Inktober + Inkgris Week2

Curator @ewkaw

Simply Molly ~ Today Is Molly's Day
Blogging Experience: What happens when the mind is willing, but the body is weak?
The Visual Monomad Photographic Challenge My Entry #80 - Rubber tree
MonoKraków 26
Courtyard spaces. Riverside
Autumn Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers: Leaf Puzzle 🧩🍂🍁
The Broken Promise of the Cryptosphere: Are We ALWAYS Waiting to “Sell Our Stake?”
Kids are love❤️
Tit looks for food on fallen leaves
Monomad - Pale grass blue (pseudozizeeria maha)
Szybki wypad na Skrzyczne z Przełęczy Salmopolskiej (Beskid Śląski).
Enjoyment Of Going Outdoors | #Monomad Challenge

Curator @fmbs25

Durante y después de ti (Poema)
ESP-ENG] Idea para crear centro de mesa (Reciclaje) / Idea to create centerpiece (Recycling)
[ESP-ENG]Golfeados-Receta Tradicional😍Golfeados-Traditional Recipe
Reto: Colores de la #Pachamama – Entrega Nº1 La belleza de las flores
Un poco del ENZO Ferrari 🚦 MIS DISEÑOS 💻 🎨 MY DESIGNS

Curator @galenkp

Engage the Weekend : Hiking the Abandoned Quarry
[ESP- ENG] ¡Annita conoce el mar! - Annita knows the sea! 🌊🌞🐶

Curator @jotakrevs

Mushroom stuffed wontons in mushroom broth soup
Red shows the real terror | El rojo demuestra el verdadero terror [Eng/Esp] (Draw/Dibujo)
Maldives - Better to See something Once than to Hear about it Hundred times
Flounder with carrots and cranberries\Die Flunder mit Karotten und moosbeeren
Concept Art Course: Lesson 9 (Spanish - English)
On Mindless Consumerism and Wild Raw Boreal Honey
La nave estraviada / The lost ship
Hooded Crow
Eating Healthy doesn't have to suck! A heart healthy, diabetic friendly breakfast FULL of flavor!
El Halo (parte 20, Final ) / The Halo (part 20, End)
A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words // Experimento fallido (Cuento)// Failed experiment (Story))
El vigilante de la sábila

Curator @nikv

Monomad Photographic Contest:Reflections-distortions
Horses and a fallow deer
Monomad: The Charm of Splitgill Mushrooms
My MUSHY medley entry for The Plant Based Challenge 👨🏿‍🍳 Week #30
#Monomad Photography –A hundred yards
Aemile-kh X Elgeko - online art session
A one page comic book style made with AI : ZeD 's choice.
Interesting Mushrooms In My Back Yard
Aquatic creature
FOODlog #398: Vietnamese Bò Lá Lốt

Curator @phage93

Halloween Special

Curator @romeskie

Making the back of my safari like a suit that’s the little twist I added to spice up my safari outfit this time. @smilestitches😊
Confección de Blusa Casual Juvenil | Youth Casual Blouse Making
DIY of an off shoulder African print fabric dress
Paying it Forward... and it Paid Off

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