Curangel curation compilation May 17, 2022

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Curator @anggreklestari

Splinterlands have never been this Sweet
Virtue Is No Substitute for the Moon, Blog, New Digital Art and Photography, Revisited Poetry and Spoken Word
Indoor Garden Update - New Aceple LED Panel
'sketching' in nature...
Discover how we celebrate our town fiesta after two years.
Family time at Cebu Ocean Park
Love The Clouds: It's time to rest
[ENG/ESP] Angels and Sculptures in Monochrome | My Monomad Challenge
Arepas with yellow corn and carrots | Recipe [Eng-Esp]
Garden Plants - Old and New!

Curator @brumest

Dirty Thirsty Traveling Badger - Monomad Challenge
For the love of portraits --- Monomad --- Eng/Esp
Venice, my memories in #monomad challendg/Венеція, мої спогади.( EN/UA)
Children's games
We found a hidden waterfall in Goynuk canyon + video #2 shows my delight! #TheLongestTrip
no preview
Village Yasna Polyana
MonoKraków 36
Monomad challenge - Traffic signs
Cozy cafe in a cozy city (EN-UA)

Curator @crazy-andy

Enchanting moss in macro photography
Monasterio de piedra | Natural & monumental park 📍 Nuévalos (Spain) [Spa][Eng]
Monday Mountains
Off to the Ranch #22: Turning the compost | Adding matter | Temperature
DOWNY FEMALE WOODPECKER~~~ Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 68 ...
[ESP][ENG] Un Dia en Catica 🌴 🇻🇪
Summer on the North Beach: Tundra, Art Objects and One Proud Waterfall
Grama Sphere, A Place Made Because Of 9 Aspects Of Happiness.
Sulcorebutia albissima
Arctic Lichen Waits For Nobody

Curator @equipodelta

[ENG-ESP] Porta Encendedor de Cocina, elaborado con material de reciclaje // Kitchen Lighter Holder, made from recycled material
#NeedleWorkMonday - Perfect fit high waist panty to start the week. / Panty tiro alto de calce perfecto para empezar la semana. 😘❤️
Mi máquina Arcade DIY (Parte II) Manos a la obra! [SPA/ENG]
Llamativos zarcillos de botones. 🌟 Eye-catching button tendrils.
[ESP-ENG] VIDEO TUTORIAL Pulsera tejida de Mostacillas en telar ❣️ VIDEO TUTORIAL Mostacillas woven
Restauración de un Rosario de Madera. Paso a paso. // Restoration of a Wooden Rosary. Step by step.
🗞Porta velas🕯 con revista o periódico/🗞Candle holde🕯r with magazine or newspaper

Curator @ewkaw

Dziennik #68 - pierwsze zwątpienie w terapię
Tokyo Travel #10 Sakura Blossoms Keep Falling On My Head
The wedding of my friends!
"Mergers and Acquisitions" 👁️My Character Drawing
Look into the future of the Courtyard Spaces project
How to rescue under-boiled Jam: Guava Jam
The incomprehension of the ill-born | Drawing in Traditional [ENG-ESP]
#monomad Show you much more of my content.
Still alive...
Dailypetphotography: Buba
What Is Your Love Language | Monomad Challenge

Curator @galenkp

Strange Things Grew While I Was Gone
Half A Weekend
Visiting a beautiful greenhouse in San Diego de los Altos Venezuela

Curator @jotakrevs

Original pîano composition /// Caravan Convoy
[Eng - Spa] Illustration of Goddess of the Waves - Ilustración de Diosa de las Olas.
📷 Water: Wrecks and People
Designing Agatha - Illustration made in the traditional way [Es/En]
Asuntos de familia ESP/POR-BR/ENG
Girl walking at night / Girl in the dark night
Digital Drawing - Aesthetic Robot
VW camper van meeting and surgery update!
[Eng/Esp] @oscarps en Phototalent – Reflejos – PhotoBlog H1
New Holland-2 (visual city tour of 13 photos)
AI assisted art : A witch doctor's hut
Smartphone photography-2022. Part 3
SpeedPaint Screaming Banshee FanArt

Curator @lourdeshd6

Flamingo in the shallow water
Photos for an extensive advertising campaign | monomad challenge [ENG] [ES]
The tit is looking for food on the leaves and branches of a tree

Curator @minismallholding

Muchos recuerdos y sentimientos, simplemente lluvia 🌧️ - Lots of memories and feelings, just rain
Where do you go?
Algunas características de un líder/ Some characteristics of a leader

Curator @nikv

The Green of Iceland
Carrizos en el Gigüela
Plant nursery visit, Cyprus - part 3
"Eating Japanese Knotweed イタドリを食べる" [Japanese and English]
Good news - bad news!
Greenhouse post #2
Hears on a Turd
[ENG/ESP] Makeup Inspired in Kaecilius. / Maquillaje Inspirado en Kaecilius.
Experimenting With Watercolor
Mi participación en el mermay - My Mermay 2022

Curator @riccc96

Ancient Church Ruins
Trash Panda Chronicles
Feline curiosity - Black and White photography

Curator @romeskie

Coloridas Mariposas adornando mis libros. (Esp/Eng)
Wallet for my mom / Cartera para mí mamá

Curator @tazi

Izmir Kordon Promenade ~ İzmir Kordon Boyu
A walk in the skirts of the Balkans.

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Gracias comunidad 🤗

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You're welcome.

Thank you kindly for the curation @anggreklestari and @curangel team!!! 🙂

Thanks so much @curangel and @brumest for the hard work of choosing among tons and tons of great posts!

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Thank you very much @brumest and @curangel!

Thank you all so much for the mention here! And for the great links: I love being signposted to new creators and sharings! Blessings indeed!


Wow, thanks @equipodelta and @curangel for this, I didnt expected it, as a new user, thanks.

Thank you 💝

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Thanks @curangel and @minismallholding for including my mental health post. I hope it can help somebody get through their day more easily...

It was an enlightening read and I hope it does help someone.

Me too

Thank you so much @jotakrevs and @curangel :)

Thank you! :)

Big thanks @brumest and all at the @curangel team!

Thank you very much @jotakrevs and @curangel ❤️

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