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Curator @anggreklestari

Spring salad with mustard vinaigrette | Growing your own food is life changing
Baby steps - learning to speak Dutch
Abandoned French hotel, a mysterious Rock on the edge of Kemer, return on a passing boat....
Things in my house
#SublimeSunday - Into the Garden!
Braga Street, A Historical Area in Bandung
TacoCat’s Travels #162 (Japan 8.0 - Kawasaki): Small Torii Gates for Smaller People! ⛩
Mi menú : Arroz salteado en vegetales, pollo empanizado y ensalada. My menu : Rice sautéed in vegetables, breaded chicken and salad.
Gardening Update! The Wall - For the veggie patch to survive children
Beeston Castle - A True Historical Gem in the Cheshire Countryside
Delicious orange and chocolate cake 🥮🍊🍫| Recipe, 100% vegan
Milionia Basalis Moth 🦋 What Insects Have You Eaten? 🦟🐜

Curator @brumest

Trying to see the big picture - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes
Can an Instrument 🎸 be made in 1 week? Let's see!
Monomad: The Good Fairy of Wavy Maplet
Monomad Challenge-Traditional Fish Market Crowd Story
Try The Delicacy of Shoyu Ramen and Gyoza at Jozu Eats Japanese Restaurant
Foggy morning by the river [ENG/PL]
Guadalupe Posada .- monomad
Trekking with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda
Monomad: Tiny mushrooms on brittle twigs
A walk in the countryside among the horses - Una passeggiata in campagna tra i cavalli
"Bound Eros" in the centre city of Krakow in #monomad challenge / "Зв'язаний Ерос" - в центрі Кракова. (En/Ua)
Introducing "Lumpiang Toge" - My Wife's Favorite Snack (2 part cooking)

Curator @crazy-andy

My ten minutes of peace 🥰
meeTatiana in Korea - Day 1
The bird bath - Little ringed Plover bathing its feathers
The Crew 2: Episode 2 of "American Legends" season landed [Let's Play Games #87]
Virtual Tour of Architecture in Recoleta, Buenos Aires [ENG/ESP]
Tallinn, Estonia - An underrated medieval destination on the Baltic Sea (Part 1)
CCC's Street Art Contest #92 myhoodisgood Cape Town CBD
Summer Items - 3D Layered

Curator @equipodelta

Una tarde de lluvia me despedí de mi niñez
Attitudes that are reflected - Thoughts | Actitudes que se reflejan - Pensamientos [ESP-ENG]
[ESP – ENG] Hermoso Porta rollo de cocina. / Beautiful kitchen roll holder.
Una Bruja en la Cocina: "Chocolate Cake with Greek Yogurt in Air Fryer" [EN] // [ES]
Tutorial: Como elaborar un bonito porta celular con tematica de mariquita. Manualidad paso a paso.//Tutorial: How to make a beautiful ladybug themed cell phone holder. Step by step craft.
[Eng-Esp] Making a beautiful bracelet with costume jewelry stones.

Curator @ewkaw

Debby: #monomad challenge
IT WAS A SUNNY DAY (DE /ENG /ESP) - New entry for the monomad challenge
Trzy syrenki
Buttermilk Citrus Bundt Cake
Ranczo dla dzieci [#94]
My Entry Monomad Challenge #189 - Creative traders in traditional market
Deer and Mist
Monomad Challenge: Eid holiday at the beach

Curator @fmbs25

(🇪🇦 /🇺🇸) Rico Pescado frito con ensalada y yuca 😋💯🥗🐟 // Fried fish with salad and yucca 😋😋💯🥗🐟
Un proyecto por fin realizado. Mi carro decorado con las flores de Àfrica en crochet 🌸 A project finally realized. My car decorated with the flowers of Africa in crochet.
Compartiendo una pequeña anécdota, sobre el diente de mi hija 🦷/Sharing a little anecdote, about my daughter's tooth🦷

Curator @galenkp

Canadian Tulip Festival 🌷 - 2022
Let Time Move Slower
Life is too Short and Time Goes too Fast || A Life Full of Dreams
🕢 Slow or fast - A Very Busy and Worrying Weekend
Last weekend with my friend Flor (@phendx) in Italy!
[WE101] - slow or fast
Wednesday May 18th 2022 ~ Frozen in time
Autism is An Invitation to Heal our Mother Wounds and Return to Nature
May it last long enough to be eternal

Curator @jotakrevs

Bar Biblioteca
How many are we mom? ¿Cuantos somos mamá?
House Plants, Flowers, and Windows with Screens, Oh My! - May 14, 2022 @goldenoakfarm
Out of metaphors
The room
Spring park and botanical garden 🌼 Beautiful Chinese wisteria / Wiosenny park i ogród botaniczny
Riches Aren't Everything
A most beautiful little bird.
Sunday Musings: Cleaning Off My Desk so I Can do My Work!
Spring Insects
Inasible esperanza (Poema) // Elusive hope (Poem)
Unbaked chocolate cake / Pay de chocolate sin hornear (Eng/Esp)

Curator @lourdeshd6

Monomad Challenge || Zephyranthes rosea flower.
Hunting for elves in spring (forest walk of 19 photos)
Feathered Friends Round 68: Female Hummingbirds And Others
Wildlife : Birdwatching - 1381 🐦
Frozen Photos
The swirls and the bugs
Pa Sy Waterfall - The Sleeping Fairy in the Forest
insects macro #051722

Curator @minismallholding

Mi propio invierno [Esp. Eng.]
April Homeschool Miscellany
(ESP - ENG) Juego Didáctico para Aprender y Formar Palabras / Didactic Game to Learn and Form Words

Curator @nikv

Random Landscapes - Black and White photography
Time | a Short Story [WE101]
Conversations With Smudge
A gift to my elder brother @smilestitches😊.
The church girls dress design. DIY of my dress design using a gifted fabrics.
Making a shoulder dart straight gown for my client
CCC's Street Art Contest #92 ~ StreetArt finds in the UK 🇬🇧 and Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Upholstering project over 3 years / 3年越しの椅子修理プロジェクト
Personaliza una gorra /Customize a Cap
[ENG-SPA]A crocheted blue kitten😾 //Un gatito 😾azul tejido a crochet

Curator @phage93

Reto Blender: Tank 3D
The bed-base!
Trees and Nature in My Collage for LMAC #125
No. 66 | Nikon F3 | Nikkor 50mm F1.8 | Kodak Gold 200

Curator @riccc96

Carreiros do Monte PT🚙🚩 / Carrera en la Montaña Portugal(EN-ES)🏎🏎
Dendrobium nobile
Greatings from Ehrenfeld // Grüße aus Ehrenfeld
Overview of the residential buildings in a city
The man with a long dress (oil on paper)
Star Dreamers - my new painting

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